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Hi ladies, me again! After some feeding advice this time. I am exclusively breast feeding my 11 day old poppet, Noah, at the moment and would prefer to continue doing so as i have managed to get him off bottle and onto breast once due to him being poorly in hospital and needing tons of fluids and don't really want to confuse him further. During the day he feeds every 3-4 hours for between 40 mins and an hour, then he happily goes in his Moses basket. However at night he won't settle and wants constant feeding. I have just fed him for 2 and a half hours pretty much non stop (as soon as he falls off I put him down at which point he screams again) and I have had enough now. Do you think he is hungry? Should I give in and top up with formula? Or is he just comfort suckling and should I give in to a dummy? I am cuddling him now and after rooting around in his Moses basket and sucking his fist, he has now gone to sleep. Thank you in advance. xxx


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    That long in the night for a newborn is normal or can be. He really is establishing your milk supply and it is called cluster feeding. He is going good spells in the day between feeds and over time you will get more day less evening feeds. If in this time of cluster feeding you need a break then get hubby to have him a few minutes as you smell of milk to him so the smell makes him hungry. He is 11 days old and just learning and didnt you say was early to? I would look to see if there is any breast feeding suoport in your area through la leche league or nct for otr mums but it is akl normal
  • Thanks cebpickle, you're like my very own counsellor! Yes he was 4 weeks early - I did wonder if that had anything to do with it. I have looked up cluster feeding - hadn't heard of it before - and good to see it is all normal xxx
  • Just wanted to add that you produce more milk during the night and baby knows that so they want to feed more unfortunately. It does get better though! Well done for sticking with it x
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    Yep it's normal! You can tell if comfort suckling as he will stop for a bit, then suckle like mad for a few seconds, then stop again. Chloe did this loads so I gave in to a dummy in first week... Don't regret my decision, it was what worked for us and still works now! Will cross the 'dummy fairy' bridge when we come to it xxx
  • Hi, firstly well done you with getting on well and persevering with breastfeeding. I agree with others about possible suggestions. But have you thought about more regular feeds during the day? Only my baby was a couple of weeks early and tiny (4lb 6oz) and we were advised to feed her every 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 hours during the night. Perhaps if you fill him up more during the day he may not want to feed so much at night. It may be worth trying a dummy if you feel that he isn't hungry. We used it and it settled her when she wanted comforting but other nights she didn't want it so I guess she was still hungry. Good luck anyway, just cling on to the fact that he will become more effective at feeding and night sleeping and this stage won't last too long X
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    Ha! This is why I ended up Co sleeping!

    You'll know of he's hungry through his weight gain so maybe get that done once a well at first. Babies do love sucking time though so its probably that & also that apparently the best time for them to stimulate milk production.

    You could try the dummy. I didn't use one as she had slow weight gain, but I'm glad now as its a battle I don't have to fight. If not hand him to daddy so he forgets about milk. And yes, like the others say, it does get better.
  • Thank you ladies. Have been feeding Noah every 2 hours this afternoon. I'm going to bed at 9pm then dad will bring him for a feed at midnight and I will top up with formula. Hopefully that will do the trick and I'll get some sleep!

    Elliekate, unfortunately I can't get dad to help at night as he is a tree surgeon so dangerous enough job without him being dog tired. I don't want him to risk it though he assures me he will be fine. i have already seen the damage a chainsaw can inflict and both times it has been due to tiredness. I will enlist his services tomorrow night though - he is working tomorrow so another night for just me and poppet tonight. Xxx
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