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Hey ladies. My little boy is due in 3 weeks and I need to buy him some toys/soothers of some sort. I know I don't need much, I want some things to help him settle and also stimulate him for when he is awake too! Am I making sense?? My baby room theme is animals. I would like some recommendations on cot mobiles, or are they a waste? I've heard good things about the soothe and glow seahorse. Are they as good as the reviews make out? Also, any recommendations on toys for the pram/car seat?! Some attachments look like they might get annoying!!! Am I over thinking things?? image


  • Hi mrslexijones I had a I love my bear mobile didn't really use it a lot, my children both had different ways to sooth themselves my son loved his dummy it would settle him at night it was his little comfort, when I was pregnant 2nd time was all prepared buying dummies little girl wouldn't touch it, has a Taggie loves it she now 20 months carrys it all over, as for pram toys I had little sunflower that stuck to the pram which my little girl liked, and a book on a cord, hope all goes well with the baby xx
  • We got a few things before our baby was born but to be honest, for at least the first couple of months she wasn't interested at all, not even comforters! We didn't bother getting a mobile and luckily she's always been a good sleeper. People will probably buy you toys once baby arrives too but at first all they do is sleep and feed so I wouldn't too much about it! xx
  • *wouldnt worry too much
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We had the fisher price rainforest mobile and my daughter still loves it at a year old.

    i would get a comforter you will get bought things. the lamaze toys are great for boyh play and to clip on the pram lots of bits to do on them.

    The thing to do with the comforter now is sleep with it in your bed and take to hospital them place in crib when baby is born. helps them settle when you need to pop to the loo etc
  • Smiler85Smiler85 Posts: 283
    My daughter who is 7 months became really interested in toys etc from around 3 months ish .... Lamaze toys are fab and we used a bright starts carseat musical toy which she's always loved.

    She's never really been interested in comforters and took a dummy for a little while, she now sucks her thumb instead.

    I would honestly just wait and see what people get you as gifts and then just get bits and bobs as you go xx
  • Id wait and see what you get. My brother bought us a Lamaze rusty the robot and my lo loves it. Its on his play gym and when we go out we clip it to the pram.

    We bought like a worm thing to go on car seat-waste of money as he can't play with it whilst in the car as bar is down, and when moving the bar in different positions it gets in the way!!

    We bought a cot mobile and rarely use it! Only recently)little one is 4 months have we bought a star for the cot that shines, plays lullabys and projects on the ceiling.

    Id second the comforter, although lo only now uses it to comfort himself!

    id wait and see what lo is like. You don't really need anything in the first couple of months, its probably only at 3 months onwards lo has become interested in play etc, apart from his play gym when id recommend the fisher price rainforest one! X
  • Thank you so much ladies for your advice.

    I think I have been stressing too much this weekend about LO's arrival and it had manifested itself into 'the baby needs more things!!!!!' lol!

    I love some of your suggestions. I will start sleeping with one of his teddys as I have heard about the smell thing before. Sounds like its worth a try image

    I've also seen the Fisher price rainforest mobile and loved it, but it's so expensive. I'm currently watching some second hand ones on eBay......

    I think I might leave it at that! As you say, I will probably get lots of presents. I've already overdone the clothes and have had to say to everyone not to get me anymore new born things!

    Thanks again everyoneimage
  • roo10roo10 Posts: 722

    I wouldn't worry about it. We git bought loads & chloe was only really interested in toys from about 3m up & about 6m when she plats with them on her own. We did have a little bunny that we put in our bed to take to the hosp to put in her bed but I don't think it did anything. Chloe slept alot in the first few wks so didn't need a comforter to begin with although she had a dummy after about a wk. A playgym is great fir them but we only started to put her on that about 3-4wks old. We bought a 2nd hand one & it was the best ??5 I've spent! Alot.of things are advertised or come up on the searched but to be honest, alot of stuff is a waste of money.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    A bouncy chair was a must for us but got it at 6 weeks which was a bit late 4 weeks was good but meant could take in bathroom when had a shower or kitchen when cooking. We were bought the mobile as a gift too.
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152

    We used a vibrating bouncy chair from birth with both of ours & we couldn't have survived without it!

    Also, my son has a Fisher Price lullaby seahorse, which he absolutely loves & it helps him so much to settle off.

  • I had the fisher price rainforest bouncer my son/ daughter loved it kept them entertained so I could get things done, and would help settle them, xx
  • The bouncy chair was one of the first things I boughtimage I got a vibrating Fisher price one for ??5 off eBay. Quite proud of that purchase hehe! I agree, it will be so useful to be able to put him down in it if I need to.....
  • We have the fisher price vibrating seat-its really good! I take it from room to room and its esp good so you can have shower although I didn't realise this until 6 weeks!! We got our fisher price play gym off ebay-??3.70-the best thing we have bought so far!! X
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262

    We have the fisher price rainforest mobile too and its amazing - love it and def worth the money (although having said this I didn't pay for it!! My mum bought it from Tesco with her clubcard points which she had doubled up!) 

    If you are going to get a baby gym try and get one with the toys lower down - we have this one and its been great and baby still loves at 6months. Its been a lifesaver. However, most of my friends bought the mamas and papas one and none of them have used as babies not interested as toys too high to play with and then once they can reach they have been on the move and don't want to sit on the gym.

  • roo10roo10 Posts: 722

    Think my reply earlier got eaten lol, but towels from Primark are good for the change mat & I had one in the orange covering the mattress. I bought one same colour as the pram & no one could tell otherwise. It was alot easier to wash and as Chloe was/is a sicky baby, it didn't ruin the mattress cover ir mattress.

    We have a baby Einstein gym (2nd hand & weren't fussy). The toys we felt were high up but to be honest this made her more determined to get them and move the, either with her hands or kick them with her feet! It also had a sun attached to the middle so she loved listening to that and seeing all the different colours.
  • MrsC81MrsC81 Posts: 201
    We've got ewan the dream sheep and the seahorse. Personally think ewan is much better because the music stays on much longer. The seahorse music goes off after a couple of minutes. Ewan is our lifesaver, use it loads every day, but we do get through the batteries though.
  • We have the seahorse and my little one loved it!! ????
  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I've written all the bits down and I will see what he may like when he actually arrives!

    Currently the highest bidder on eBay for the rainforest mobileimage Fingers crossed!
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