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Switching from formula to cows milk

I'm wanting to switch from formula to cows milk and just wondered should I switch from bottles to a cup at the same time? Also, what type of cup should I use instead of a bottle?


  • I'm trying to remember what I did with Harry! I know I switched his morning bottle first (as he was 1 he was only having milk in a morning and before bed), and he had a tommee tippee cup that had a valve on it so he had to suck to get the milk out. Once he was used to this I switched his bedtime one too. He was capable of drinking from a free flow sippy cup, but the one with the valve was spill proof and i didn't want it spilling everywhere! As he got older I switched it to a free flow one (when he was more careful!).x
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    Have you introduced a cup with water with meals at all? I am breast feeding and have just replaced one feed with cows milk and put the milk in the same free flow cup she had water and juice from.

    Some friends who ff and it has been tricky but they pocked a feed to swap and then put cows milk in a cup for that feed and eventually did it with another
  • She has a tommee tippee cup with meals with water in and at nursery they've started giving her cows milk in a tt cup, which she taken to a bit.

    She only has 1 bottle before bed. Should I replace this with cows milk in a tt cup? Or should it be a bottle that she has to suck???
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We were given info by hv that said to try and stop bottles at a year as sucking the teat can affect the teeth. Would she take a cup at bedtime?
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