Making up bedding for moses/ pram

Hi ladies Wonder if you can help.due my first in 3 weeks and am just getting stuff together and want to check what I have is right as all seems a bit confusing!! I have 6 fitted sheets which fit the pram and Moses basket which I've washed in non bio. Going to make up both so do I put fitted sheet, flannel sheet and then blanket ready on top. Also which blanket? I have a popcorn soft one from mothercare, am acrylic cellular one and a coverlet which came with the Moses basket. Do I just need one and which one is best. And is this enough blankets to cope with baby being sick/ going to the loo etc?? Also swaddling is this ok at night and should that be in a flannel sheet? I don't know why but I am really stressing about temperature. Was going to have Moses basket at side of bed and have a thermometer but unless we keep heating on all night room is going to drop below 16-18 recommended at some point and if keep it on all night will be too hot. How did you deal with this.? Sorry - too many questions!! Xxx


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    Hi we were advised not to keep swaddling past 2 weeks. we had fitted sheet, flat sheet and a blanket in moses basket and added another blanket if cold. Once lo was heavy enough we have used sleeping bags with fitted sheet underneatg. We did have heating on in first few weeks, i had my daughter this time last year. We turned thermostat down a bit at night. Top tip i was given is to pit a folded muslin under babies head in moses basket because if they little but sick at night yoi can just swap muslins and change sheets in the morning rather than change whole bedding
  • i cant give you any help my little boy was in my bed from word off was just so much easier to feed- I DONT RECCOMEND THIS THO. Just remember its more dangerous if your little one over heats than if gets to cold. if baby gets to cold they will cry but wont if too hot.

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    Hi my 2 were both born in winter. We had a fitted sheet on bottom and then just blankets until they were old enough for grobags. They also both wore long sleeved vests and a fleecy onesie. My 2 year old still wears her fleecy onesie/pyjamas now lol. Currently my 11 week old wears long sleeved vest, fleecy onesie/ or normal babygro and grobag. Its been a bit warmer last 2 nights so hes just been in normal babygro coz otherwise in the morning he is really sweaty if wearing the fleecy one. Imy 2 year old was swaddled for first few weeks and this counted as a blanket. We hardly used our cellular blankets just the fleecy/ fluffy type ones u can get and this kept them warm.

    I would say u have enough and just play it by ear really. They wake up so often the first few weeks that you will soon notice if they are cold so u can just add another layer or take something hot if a bit sweaty. Remember though to feel if they are hot/cold on their belly and not hands as hands will be cold naturally (my 11 week old has babygros with mittens already included sk we just fold these over at night to keep his hands warmer). Sorry for rambling lol!
  • Our heating does the same thing we have bought. Plug in radiator (set to switch on if temp drops below 18) which is near her Moses basket. We also have an electric hot water bottle - ONLY for when I m feeding at night and she isn't in the Moses basket - it keeps it at body temp x
  • Thanks for the tips ladies xxx
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