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Hi  ladies

Me and hubby have decided to start trying for a baby in a few months - we have a holiday planned in June, so kind of said that we will stop being careful then.  Scary! 

When should I start taking Folic Acid - when we actually start trying or a couple of months before?  

Is there anything I can do to prepare for starting to try? I've read that caffeine can affect fertility, should I be thinking about cutting down on my caffiene intake or is this not neccessary at this early stage?  Also, should my hubby be taking any vitamin supplements? 

I have a healthy BMI and my hubby is currently trying to lose some weight and is doing quite well.  Neither of us smoke and only really drink at weekends, if at all. 

Sorry for any stupid questions, just want to give ourselves the best possible chance.  I am not expecting to getting pregnant straight away, especially as I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was younger, but just want to be in the best possible position I can.  

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  • Hey there,

    I'm in similar position, just came off the pill this month. I've read caffeine can affect it, and someone on the TTC came off and got BFP around the same time. I started taking folic acid instead of taking the pill. Some say 3 months before, others say start it when off the pill and wait to try for a month so your cycle is back to normal. My impatience chose for me!

    In most of the books etc it says just relax, be healthy, don't drink too much and no smoking. Best of luck to you for June!
  • Thanks Daisymoo! Best of luck to you too image

    So are you waiting until you get your period before TTC? 

    I came off the pill in January 2012 because it just wasn't suiting me anymore.  So I've been tracking my cycles since then basically, just because they can be a little irregular.  

  • I haven't waited no, I have hypothyroidism so I think I'm in it for the long haul :/ husband wanted to wait until May to come off the pill as of our Christmas talk, then when I came off for my week off the pill last week he asked me not to go back on and wants to "see what happens"

    I've had a chemical pregnancy two years ago. Faint positive after being late a week and AF a day later and ever since it feels like something has been missing from my life. Over dramatic I know but I've had to wait 2 years to get past uni and get married, so I can't wait any more! I was always regular before going on the pill from what I remember at the same sort of day in the end of the month.

    I've bought an OPK in secret just to appease my curiosity that I do ovulate. Just want to see when I get back to normal and how quickly it is...husband doesn't know as he's a romantic soul and wants it to happen by itself. We are very different people!

    AF due valentines day... We'll see!
  • Well I wish you all the best and hope it doesn't take too long to conceive. 

    I am going to hold off the ovulation tests, the plan is just to do the deed every couple of days throughout the month and keep my fingers crossed!!  I think after a few months, if nothing happens, then I will get the kits.  

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    Take the folic acid now. I didn't start till I found out I was pregnant and by then I was 5 weeks gone. Wish I'd been taking it sooner. I think for the first few months, you are best to take a more relaxed approach. Then if nothing has happened male changes. I know you can buy a conception vitamin to help. It''s normally sold near folic acid and Pregnacare. Can't hurt to try that!
  • H2B and I aren't thinking about trying until after the summer, but I've started to take Folic acid now as there are supposed to be benefits to taking it a while before you start trying. I'm not an expert by any means but I think the rule of thumb is to take it once you start trying but no harm in taking it earlier if you want.
  • I didn't take any until I found out I was pregnant but the doctor told me I should have started when we started trying to conceive.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was younger too, I'm not 40 and started trying in January last year and by end of March/early April I was pregnant. Just had a beautiful baby girl on the 17th, so don't stress about the PCOS, it can happen naturally and quickly for some.

    Good luck x

  • Ah congratulations amoricksen on the birth or your baby girl! 

    I'm trying not to stress too much about the PCOS - I was diagnosed when I was about 19/20 years old and I am now 34.  Since stopping the pill last year, my cycles on average are 33 days, which is  first for me, as years ago, before I was on the pill, my cycles were much longer, I would go up to 6 months without a period.  So I am not sure if I still have the PCOS? At the time, my bloods were all OK, but it was the scan that showed the tiny cystic.  

    I've also read online that you should check if you are immune to rubella and if not, get vaccinated? Is this necessary? I feel like I don't want to go to my GP with all these silly questions!!!  

    I might start the Folic Acid now then.......exciting but it makes it all feel very real and I am scared! Is this normal???! 

  • Thanks MrsL, we are over the moon with our little addition.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was about 18 and when I came off the pill my cycles were quite regular so we have similar situations. I'm not sure if PCOS goes away or not, that is something I wondered when I got pregnant so quick, might be worth asking the doctor.

    Never heard about the rubella thing, I certainly never did it and was never asked about it as far as I can remember. Ask your doctor though, it's not silly questions if you need to know.

    I would start the folic acid, it would do you no harm. I was exactly the same. I was excited about the possibility, scared about the chances being slim (in my head as I was 39, been on the pill for 20 years and had PCOS) and scared AND excited when I got the result I was hoping for lol.

    Just take every day as it comes and try not to feel too deflated if you get a few negative results, it's bound to happen and doesn't mean anything is wrong. I got a number of them before the positive result, just keep the faith.

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    I would start taking folic acid now, & maybe cut down on caffeine in preperation for when you're pregnant? It won't hurt to get into the habit, & may help your chances of conceiving sooner. You can get vitamin supplements for men, tailored to help with his part in the conception! I think they mainly have minerals in them - selenium maybe?

    Good luck. x

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