Hi, We have booked for Matt to be Christened in July, he will be just over a year old. Its in the church that we got married in, I was wondering do you need to pay the church like you do for a wedding or give a donation?

 I've never been Christened and want to do it properly, but the only Christening I have been to was a really drunken affair, I don't really want this.

Did you invite lots of people? It is about 6 weeks after his 1st birthday and we are planning a party for his birthday, so I dont know whether to just keep the christening to family.

Do you buy the godparents a present?

Sorry if these questions sound silly, but I just want it to be right.


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    Hi my friends didn't give me and my husband a present it was an honour to be asked.

    My cousin did family only for her children. My friend had a massive do with lots of friends as well as family and 6 god parents. Another friend did just family except for god parents.

    Do completely what feels right for you. Often people do have less people than ar a wedding. Churches do different things re fees so check with them.
  • Isla was christened in the church we got married in. We asked about a fee and they said a donation would be great so my husband put ??50 in the collection - hard to know how much.

    Her dress was made out of my wedding dress.

    We went to local golf club after for a meal. We had about 30people, mostly close family and friends.

    We didn't buy anything for the godparents - we had 2, my brother and my husbands sister.
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    You don't have to pay for a christening but most churches would appreciate a donation I am sure. 

    You don't need to buy the goodparents presents. I am going to give mine a nice card but not going to give presents.

    We are just inviting family and close friends to the christening. Its not really like a wedding although you can make it whatever you want I guess. A friend of my sisters had about 200 people and had a massive party in the same place my sister had her wedding and had entertainers and everything - was basically a wedding reception after but for the baby! We are having the christening during the church service in the morning and then just hired a room and will provide a buffet for guests and there is a bar in the venue. Will probably be over by about 3ish though so no worries about being a drunken affair (well, so long as FIL is restrained!) 

  • We had to pay ??75 for the christening. Isla was one of 4 babies being christened so he reckons he gave us 'discount' lol. We bought the God mums a bunch of flowers each, then I made cards with a photo of Isla on the front with each godparent abs sent them a card saying "Thank You for being my God Mummy/Daddy, the date, love Isla Grace" these are now framed so pretty chuffed! They were only about ??3 to do on Moonpig! I'm from a big family so we had about 120 people, everyone left by 5pm (most about 3ish) we hired a local bistro afterwards and had a hot and cold buffet, there was loads of food left, so wish I would have followed the 'wedding rule' of catering for a few less, however I was reluctant to do this as people had missed lunch and hadn't had a big wedding breakfast! Have a lovely day xx
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