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How much?

image Hello,


Just wondering and interested to know how much your planning on having spare per month money wise while on maternity leave after all bills, food, petrol etc have gone out? So litterally spare for what ever?


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We didn't plan on spare as most of spare went on baby things as they came up like clothes, stair gates, extra toys, weaning bowls and spoons etc. Or we had family days out
  • That's what i mean, sorry hehe, i mean how much would you say is good per month for things like that? x

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We have probably spent up to ??100 on things like that. Some months more and some less. I have bought a lot of things in the sales to save money too as they grow so quickly.

    We haven't had a holiday but did a couple of weekends away on Sun breaks but then we stretched things so I had a year off
  • Probably at least a couple of hundred a month - £50-80 a week.  It depends how many coffees/lunches out and baby groups you are going to pay for that you think you'll go to!! 

    Most baby classes in my area are £6 a class and I'll usually meet a friend for coffee a couple of times a week and occasionally lunch.  Although we are now meeting round people houses as stat maternity pay has kicked in and post Xmas we are all broke!  We will also quite often go to a friends for a takeaway or something at the weekend as we go stir crazy if we are at home all the time but obviously aren't going out much in the evening.  

    I hardly ever buy baby stuff as we got given so much, but at about 6 months old I had expenses for all the weaning bits and bobs plus a highchair. 

    The thing about maternity leave is you can really pull the belt in and spend next to nothing and only do the free groups like Rhyme time at the library.....but on the other hand you can be at pricey baby groups and lunches all the time and end up spending a fortune.  We haven't had a holiday but have done a lot of going to visit friends and it all adds up.  

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