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Baby book recommendations

Hi Could somebody recommend a good book abut bringing up a baby? x


  • EllieKate83EllieKate83 Posts: 1,431
    To be honest, I bought loads of books & all of them had good stuff and bad stuff. The one I loved was called French Children Don't Throw Food but it's more like a biographical/social commentary than a manual. I've ended up doing pretty much everything it recommends with my daughter though. The baby whisperer has some good stuff in it too but the sleep advice was confusing & didn't really help us.

    Oh and if you plan to & succeed at breastfeeding it's really hard to get a routine going at all at first, literally take up residence on a sofa or bed, eat flapjacks and feed the baby wherever it wants, otherwise you'll end up like me, getting moaned at because the baby isn't fat enough &I was going out too much.
  • Your baby week by week is a good little book. It has very small chapters from brith to 6 months and just gives u a guide on how many hours your baby should sleep, awake time, feeding guide and lots of other tips.

    It's not a book that tells you how to bring up a baby and that's why I really liked it.

    Baby whisperer is also good for tips but far too long winded to read everything

    To be honest I would say read books as a guide and look on sites like baby center. But more importantly just learn to read your babys signs.

    I tried to do the right thing according to all the books but that got me no-where, I wish I'd been more relaxed!
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