Due November 2013


I got my BFP last Friday with a due date of roughly 14/11/2013 but will know better once we've had our scan. It's like deja vu for me as I was on the Due November 2011 thread when I was pregnant with my DS and my due date was only 2 days after my due date now!

Hopefully some more November bumps will join me soon! x



  • mrspodmrspod Posts: 219

    Aww good luck all nov 2013 mummies, i was a nov 12 mummy hard to believe where the year has gone!

  • hi i also got my BFP last Thursday and think my due date will be around 08/11/13 image doctors appointment booked for Thursday. I have a little girl who will be 5 in September x

  • warnc007warnc007 Posts: 49

    I'm so glad that someone has started this thread. I got my BFP on Sunday and think my due date is 14/11/13. At the age of 35 with a recent diagnosis of polycystic ovaries and possible endo, and after over a year of trying, I'd begun to think that it was neveer going to happen and now that it is, it doesn't seem to be real. I've got my doctors appointment next Wednesday so hopefully, I'll start to really believe it after that.

  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172

    Congrats ladies!

    Warnc007 - your due date is the same as mine! I'm sure it will change though at the dating scan. It must feel very surreal after trying for so long. I am waiting on an ultrasound as the doctor suspected I have PCOS as periods were irregular and I had some blood tests which weren't quite right but I'm thinking it's probably all been the effects of coming off the pill.


  • warnc007warnc007 Posts: 49

    Exciting times for both of us then. Hopefully you'll get good news at your scan. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


  • Eek can't believe there's a nov 13 thread already!! I was in the nov 12 one, my little girl is now 16.5 weeks its gone so fast. I was due the 15th but she arrived the 18th. Hope you all have wonderful pregnancies it brings it all back!!x
  • how exciting ladies, makes it feel so real now we have our own thread image

    I have my doctors appointment tomorrow so think it will feel more real then

  • MrsStevoMrsStevo Posts: 25
    Hi! Can I join too! I'm supposedly due on 31/10/13 but I'm pretty sure I ovulated late so I'll be due at the beginning of Nov. How is everybody getting on with symptoms? I've been unwell the last couple of days. Starting having some brown spotting last night and totally freaked out! I've spoken to the midwife today and she said its nothing to worry about unless it turns red and gets heavy. X
  • hi MrsStevo, welcome & congrats image

    I was worried to be honest as i was seriously ill with my first child and was even in hospital with sickness, which lasted 9 months. so far though i havent had any illness just very tender breasts and a stitch like feeling in my side

  • MrsSF-MMrsSF-M Posts: 6

    Hi everyone! Please can I join too? I have been a serial thread watcher for a long time now, finally have my BFP and the confidence to join you. Think I am due around the 14th too but still feels very surreal!!

  • congrats and welcome MrsSF-M image

  • MegsMegs Posts: 547
    can i join? i've just got my bfp 4/5 days late held off to test until today. i think i am 5 weeks pregnant so due late november hopefully! hoping that it is a sticky bean, soo scared and nervous. dont know what to do! have you ladies been doing anything different? xx
  • warnc007warnc007 Posts: 49

    I've made quite a few changes already - cut out all alcohol, threw away some pate in the fridge and am cutting back on the caffeine.

    I can't believe how tired I am at the moment, seem to need a little nap every evening. Hope this stage passes quickly.

    Hope everyone else is still doing ok. I've got my doctor's appointment tomorrow night and am dreading him telling me that I've got it all wrong.

  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    I'm the same I've cut out alcohol and all the other things we shouldn't eat during pregnancy and cut down on caffeine too. I feel really tired but pretty good other than that which is a god send as DS is hard work just now!

    Warnc007 - don't worry ur doctor won't tell u you're imagining it, infact first time round the doctor didn't do anything except give me the midwifes phone number I expected them to do another test but they didn't. So this time I called the surgery and they're sending me straight to the midwife in 3 weeks so no doctor at all!

    Congrats Meg on your bfp! Hope we all have sticky beans xx
  • MrsSF-MMrsSF-M Posts: 6
    Congrats megs on your bfp!! Its quite exciting to see more and more november mummies, makes it all the more real. I agree, i feel like this is one big dream so far and someone will tell me I'm making it up!

    Has anyone had any sickness yet? I generally just feel abit under the weather so far this week. Take care all
  • Congratulations November mummies can't believe this thread is up already, I'm due next week and it has flown in hope it goes quick for you too image xXx
  • MrsStevoMrsStevo Posts: 25
    Congrats on the other BFPs! I feel like I've got a permanent hangover at the moment! Just feel really icky! Everyone at work is getting suspicious because I keep moaning! I've still got the brown discharge but my other symptoms are definitely increasing so I'm not worrying too much. Hope everyone's not feeling too bad. I'm classed as 8 weeks today according to my phone app but I think it might be out by a week. X
  • i also have the hangover feeling lol....i was extremely sick with my daughter so i have been eating everything worried that the sickness will start & off course this morning right on cue it started image i will be 7 weeks on friday according to my dates but just cant wait to get my scan appointment

  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Congrats mum2be I remember you from the due Nov 2011 thread! Congrats to all the other BFPs too image
  • MegsMegs Posts: 547
    i'm exhausted and tmi alert my nipples are soooo sore! the thought of caffiene makes me want to vomit but other than that i am ok xx
  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    Thanks Mia - hope your getting on ok with your LO, it doesn't feel real yet that we're expecting another! And it's funny how its working out pretty much the same dates as last time as well - another little winter bundle xx
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Yes we're good. We've just moved house. No plans for number 2, you're very brave lol. Nah, seriously, lovely news image Good luck with it all and happy and healthy 9 months xx
  • MrsStevoMrsStevo Posts: 25
    Aww sorry the sickness has started engaged, I'm lucky that I haven't physically been sick yet. I've also gone off caffeine Megs, it's really strange. Well I've just booked in for an early scan on 1st April. It's just to put my mind at rest really, plus we're going abroad when I turn 12 weeks so I won't get my 12 week scan for ages!
  • MegsMegs Posts: 547
    Is it normal to have a weird stomach feeling? I have cramps on and off xx
  • MrsStevoMrsStevo Posts: 25
    I had those too but they seem to have stopped the last couple of days. I think its caused by the uterus stretching etc. X
  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    Yes I had that last time and I've started getting cramps over the last couple of days like a bad period pain I keep thinking the worst though as they can be quite painful! Two weeks tomorrow until our early scan I can't wait! I've started to feel quite sick now too and going off foods x
  • bb_croydonbb_croydon Posts: 244
    Hi ladies. Can I join you? I got my BFP at 10dpo on 12th march and obviosly dh and i were over the moon. since then i have been cautiously watching this thread and trying to decide whether to join.

    I had a pretty horrendous molar pregnancy experience last year and its totally knocked my confidence in the whole process. I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic but can't help but be terrified that this is the whole thing starting over again.

    Anyway I guess what I'm hoping to get out of this thread is reassurance that what's going on with my pregnancy so far is normal (I'm scared in miscarrying with every cramp then I panic that my boobs aren't as sore as they were yesterday...).

    As part of my molar pregnancy follow up I have to have an early scan (8-10) weeks and just got the date through -29th April (I'll be 10+3 weeks) so guess I need to try to just chill until then!

    Sorry for the essay ladies. Fingers crossed that we all have sticky beans...

    Becky x
  • MrsSF-MMrsSF-M Posts: 6

    Congratulations Becky! It's only natural to worry about every little twinge etc, especially after what you've been through. Try to relax and trust your body, not long to wait until your scan anyway! Just focus on that, Sammy x

  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    Congratulations Becky! I'm exactly the same as you I worry about every little thing and my symptoms change on a daily basis from feeling queasy and off foods to feeling absolutely fine! Yesterday I felt very pregnant and this morning not at all... The cramping is the worst for me though and I go to the toilet expecting to see blood as they're just like period pains. The funny thing is though I only get these cramps badly when in sitting at my desk in work - think it must be the way in sitting or something. This is second time round for us and the worrying is no different from first time infact its slightly worse as this baby was planned whereas first time round we were in shock for a bit! It's good to have this site though to put your mind at rest when you're worried about things, hopefully we all have sticky beans! Xx
  • bb_croydonbb_croydon Posts: 244
    I've mainly just been tired and sore breasts (although that seems to be coming and going now). Had some cramping last week but very little now. I keep telling myself that either way I'll do myself/ little bean no good by worrying about every symptom. And if it is molar again there is nothing I can do about it. Just have to wait and see and try to chill out (and be grateful that we managed to conceive again)!

    Thanks ladies. It's nice knowing everyone worries about stuff like I do. I think my dh thinks I'm a bit of an obsessive nut job sometimes... Xxx
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