Benefit help on maternity leave

Hi all Just wondering if anyone knows anything about if you are eligible for benefits when on mat leave if you only get stat mat pay and you are the bread winner? I.e housing benefit? Thanks


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    If you are on maternity leave I don't think you qualify for anything because technically you are still employed by your company, just on mat leave if that makes sense.

    If you go onto the direct gov website they have an online thing you can fill out to see if you qualify so you could fill it out as if that's your current situation and see what comes up. It's an instant thing so it doesn't store your details or anything.
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    Hi i earned more than hubby and we weren't eligible. You mAy or may not be entitled to working tax credits, child benefit. The main thing is flipping maternity and paternity leave since this has been brought in it has taken away more what you can claim for and the threshold keeps changing so cant rely on it
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    Its so annoying, i only get stat pay from work and h2b doesnt earn enough to support 3 of us... no wonder so many people dont go back to work when they receive all this help and ppl like us dont

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    Is the rule about transferring/sharing maternity leave in place yet?  I know that they are talking of introducing this for people like you, so you could go back to work early but h2b could stay home and take the rest of your mat leave, if that makes sense?  That way you would be more financially sound.  Worth looking in to x

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    Welsh grace that's not in until 2014 image
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    not even that but h2b is quite new in his career and i dont want to do that to him professionally. we knew it would be hard but just trying to weigh up our options see what help we can get.

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    Benefit entitlement is purely dependent upon what you have coming in. If you are renting and on low income you may well get HB but you would have to do online calculations as it is different for everybody 

    Try this calculator

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    I would just apply for it all and see what happens, im sure child tax etc etc make their own minds up as they go along. Good luck image

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    It always asks your last tax year earnings which is what mucks it up as obviously tgen you were working so previos tax year looks good but current 1 wont. Funny thing tho if I go back to work full time after mat leave and pay 800 childcare costs because of my wages I wont be entitled to anything but if I go part time and earn 100 a week but pay most of that to childcare I will be entitled to more in benefits than my wages would be.
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    It's so bad isn't it!! Makes it difficult for those who work to have a family!
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    To an extent you are right about tax credits being based on the year before - but this is only if there is no dramatic difference. If you go from £30k to minimum they don't expect you to work a year before claiming. So def do the benefit checker or give them a ring to see what you could get

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    I informed tax credits when dropped and then went back to work and we got a bit in back pay. but we completed it all initially with figures and got ??10 a week 10 weeks later new financial year and not entitled to anything as threshold changed.

    so you can't rely on them.
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    I would check with your work about sharing maternity leave with your partner as I know my work had implemented this already xx
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    I would but as i mentioned above he is very new in his career and i do not want to do that to him professionally. If we cant get help then its a shame but means we just have to make other cuts just would be nice to think we could get some help even tax credits which we currently arent eligible for.

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    I suppose from the government perspective the stat maternity pay plus child benefit equates to approx ??500 per month for not working so wouldn't pay more.

    the thing is children cost money, and it isn't just while on mat leave childcare, clothes, equipment all come up. Best thing is to try and save up and i also found i hardly spent anything in the initial 6 weeks when on 90% of pay so that spread a bit further
  • It's worth contacting your local Council as Housing Benefit entitlement is a means tested on your income and dependent on your circumstances. If your partners income is relatively low and you're renting your property it's definitely worth a shot. Even if you don't qualify for full HB, you may get a small amount towards your rent - even £5 a week is something. And you have a higher applicable amount once you have a child and you get an additional premium while your baby is under 1. Also look into Working and Child Tax Credits - entitled to is a really useful website and will sign post additional benefits/ grants you may be entitled to. Hope this helps.

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