Baby names???

Hello ladies. I'm 5 months preg with baby boy no 2 and I already have a Joshua and I don't really like any names apart from Theo which the OH hates. Can someone give me some names/words of wisdom please? This is harder than organising a wedding! image Xxx


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    I love evan, oliver (my sons name so biast on that 1) darcey, sebastian to be shortened to seb, love it!!!! Noah, freddie, oscar, louis, will, jessie.

    All personal to you though i can sympathise with you as oliver didnt have a name for a week and i loved mason and spike and oh was having nothing ti do with them he wanted alfie but i was scared it would get shortened to alf, which i didnt like and there is a boy in olivers class at school called alfie and they shorten it to alf so im soo glad i stood by my guns on that one. Just reminds me of alf roberts, or that silly cartoon character years ago called alf? Was it an anteater or something???

    Let us know what u decide andgood luck in your pregnancy xx
  • I have got Ryan, Oliver and Joshua think they all go well together but I picked them so will like them lol.
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    Just going by other friends who have babies called Joshua and have second boys are: Ethan, Myles, Oscar, Daniel xx
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    Thankyou ladies,

    I had said I liked Jensen aswell and he got it confused with the jetsons cartoon programme. He's a funny little bugger. He does however like Ethan now which is a good start! Xx
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    We had Jenson and Theo on our boys name lists so good taste.

    I went through the whole of the Bounty name site wrote down all names I likedcplus a couple of curve balls and then hubby crossed off what he really didn't like and i went into labour with 5 girls and 5 boys names we agreed on. then we chose
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    How about Evan?  Unusual but still goes well with Joshua image x

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    My little boy is Isaac, we haven't met another one yet and quite a few people have commented on how much they like it. We really stuggled with boys names too. Also had Noah on our list but in the end hubby went off it cos said child would be teased cos it sounded like 'know a....' Good luck deciding.
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    Cebpickle you are very organised image mrsm2b, Evan reminds me of Evans the clothes shop for some reason. Isn't it funny how you associate names and mrs c, I do like issac but my best friend has a little boy called that. We all fell pregnant last time and this time together so all the good names were taken in a oner image x
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    Hubby wouldn't really discuss it so was only way to do it.

    if you like Isaac what about Zach?
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    Funnily enough I was going to suggest Ethan!

    I had Joshua as a 'reserve' name when my daughter was born - so obviously didn't use it!  Others on my list were Joseph, Daniel, William, Gabriel and Jesse - but my ex wouldn't entertain those last 2! 

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    Is Esmé had been a boy she would have been Sebastian Isaac


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    We'll I have a HUGE list now although I have two favourites - Charlie and Seth. I've had to go through the name book and make a list for hubs to go through because he's so fussy! So here it is





    Charlie (christened Charles)





    Seb (Sebastian)




    Eli (Elijah)





















    I know that's a massive list but its just basically so hubs can now have his pick!!! He does like Charlie so I'm hoping he sticks to that but he's not 100%!

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    Don't worry, I know what you mean!  It's like Zara for a girl, I just think clothes lol!! image

    Let us know what you finally pick image

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