finding a babysitter, childcare app?

Hi girls, We live miles from family so don't have them to call on for babysitting and I downloaded the childcare app, has anyone else found someone on there? Im really unsure of leavinh our baby girl with someone but want to start date nights with hubby again. Xx


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    Hiya, we are in the same boat with family so I feel your pain ... Zak is just coming up to 9 months and to date we have had 2 date nights (one of which we managed to blag as Zak was staying with my dad as we both had to work all weekend so we utilised the evening alone, but that was only a few weeks ago!)

    Have a look on your local council site as they will have details of all registered childcare providers, hopefully including babysitters which you can then contact to find the right one to suit your needs x

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    Have you not got any good friends that would babysit? We looked after friends kids before having ours.

    I would contact nct or other local baby groups for advice. never heard of the app. there is a babysitting course people can do that may be able to recommend peopke
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    It is the red cross that run the course and it includes baby first aid
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    I saw an advert in the last NCT brochure named which has registered childcare available. However you do have to pay a membership fee before babysitting fees. I've not used it but had a browse recently as we too are in the same boat. I think we might be able to call upon some friends as first choices occasionally. Let us know how you get on xx
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    Hiya I am the childcare industry and I am registered on there. If you do get anyone, when it comes meeting whoever just make sure they bring their crb check and if you want someone with qualifications- their certificates xx
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    Thanks girls. We do have friends here but thru work and I dont know them well enough outside of work to ask really. Or know the husbands and dont want to just get to know the wives so I can get them to babysit if you know what I mean. The childcare app seems good and I dont have to be best mates with them in that case as I just need a babysitter but I dont want to leave her with someone I dont know. Ots hard. X
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    If you are using a nursery or know people who are sometimes some of the younger girls will do babysitting outside work.  We have never investigated it through our nursery but I know a few friends who have used girl their children know from their childcare!

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    I'm a nanny and whenever I've gone to work for a new family after an initial interview I've then been to spend time with the children and the parents together so they can see me with the children. I'm on the child care app and like cubanbride said, make sure you check crb, qualifications and references. Any decent child are professional would expect this so it wouldn't be a problem. X
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