terrible nausea

Hi ladies, I'm 7 weeks pregnant and suffering for terrible nausea, no morning sickness. It only comes on on a night but means I have eaten dinner for the last 2 nights, does anyone know of anything that can help it? Thank u xx


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    Try ginger tea I had ginger and lemon tea from sainsburys which took the edge off. If you can't manage a full dinner just try having a sandwich or some toast. I also nibbled on grapes constantly. I found if my stomach was empty it was a lot worse so try and eat little and often. When I felt really bad I had cream crackers the blander the better. It feels awful right now but it will get better! Xx
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    I had terrible nausea and vomitting from 7 weeks until around 22 weeks. I tried lots of different things, the only thing that helped was the travel sickness wrist bands, my gp recommened them. They did improve the nausea and reduced my sickness.

    Andrea x

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    I ate jelly sweets and drank apple juice and plain crackers. i had the nausea then disickness but found i felt better after being sick but like above was worse when hungry
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    I feel your pain megs I'm the same! In some ways it would be easier to be sick in the morning then not suffer the nausea that seems to last all day, I don't remember it being this bad with DS x
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    Nibble throughout the day rather than trying to stick to 3square meals as it gets worse if you get hungry, but I'll feel rubbish before u realise ur hungry!

    Mini cheddars and ritz were heaven for me when pregnant with Zak image xx
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    I was exactly the same. Had no vomitting apart from the odd occasion. Then I'd have some nausea through the day, but it hit worse at night and it kept me awake. I had crackers, ginger biscuits and rich teas recommended, but they actually made it worse. The only thing that helped at all was sipping water and wearing travel bands which I would squeeze when I felt really rough.

    I think it is a bit of trial and error really. Something that helps one person doesn't work for another.

  • Definitely try travel sickness bands. Worked wonders for me!
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    Nothing worked for me hun, I ended up going to the docs for sickness tablets. Lucozade was the only thing that settled it a little bit :0) x
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