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Sorry - guessing I'm gonna be on this forum asking a LOT of questions as its my first time pregnant!! So I apologise in advance lol!

Basically I was wondering how people count pregnancy weeks, more specifically the Emma's Diary phone app. My LMP was 1/3 so my EDD is about 6/12 so this makes me 5 weeks 1 day pregnant (well 3 weeks since conception but doctors count it since first day of last period - right?)

Anyway, I downloaded said app, and it has my correct due date, but it says 6 weeks. I assume this is cos I'm in the sixth week of pregnancy, but the information about the developing embryo seems a week ahead. So I'm not sure if this is right? The dr's gave me the Emma's  Diary leaflet and the app itself says done by some medical committee or other so I trust the info, just unsure about which week its placing me on.

As its my first pregnancy I would like to keep up to date with whats happening when etc, like when heart beats for the first time, when certain organs develop, and I'd hate to be a week ahead!!

So I guess what I'm asking is do I trust the app - which is currently saying 8mm in length - seems to far?!

If anyone can make sense of this rather disjointed post thank you!! I'm so confused!!



  • SarahLGSarahLG Posts: 313 New bride
    I'm not a massive fan of the Emma's diary app for this reason tbh! There are others you could try, the Babycentre and Bounty apps are both free & both are brill!
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737

    I have 'The Bump' which you can select your week and it'll tell you how big baby is in relation to fruit or veg and a little bit about development and I have Pregnancy++ It did cost £1.99, but it's quite a nice app. It has lists of things you'll need to prepare for baby and lots of detail about baby and you at different stages.

    I've got a similar problem with Cow and Gate. They send me weekly emails and it's always a week ahead. 

  • Thank you for the advice, think I'll get on the app store and see what else there is out there!! xx

  • I'm having the same issue too, on The Bump its the size of an apple seed and next week a sweet pea, but on What To Expect app it's showing a sweet pea for this week, I'm so confused and now have 4 apps and no idea which one to follow haha!! I'm 5wks 1 day xx
  • Just did a google and this is quite helpful
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Pinklady, it all depends on how long ur cycle was - although dr's date from LMP you'd be better just adding 2weeks onto ur ovulation date (if u know when that was) as this will be more, u will get a better idea of ur dates from ur 12week scan xx
  • CorieLeighCorieLeigh Posts: 609

    I have quite a few different apps and they are all a bit different - as MrsKW said, you'll get a better idea of dates from your 12 week scan but in the mean time I'd just use them as a guide not a definite 'this is happening'. To be fair on Emmas Diary topic though, my emails always say I'm a week ahead of what I am, so I think it's just the week you've entered i.e. at 25 weeks you're in the 26th week of pregnancy x

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