Can anyone help?

Hi ladies, I'm nearly 35 weeks pregnant and for the last few weeks it has been more difficult to get comfortable and sleep.  I'm fine with that, but over the last week, I just can't sleep at all.  It doesn't seem to matter how much or how little I do during the day, by the time bedtime comes, I'm always wide awake and just can't seem to drift off. 

I've tried getting back up, reading a book, putting the telly back on, etc but I just end up lying in bed awake all night long.  Then for the last 2 days I don't have any appetite at all - I'm having to force myself to eat otherwise I probably wouldn't bother.

Has anybody else suffered from this or can you offer any advice?



  • NooeyNooey Posts: 413
    I don't know about loss of sleep or appetite in pregnancy but I do know the best thing for drifting off to sleep is relaxation techniques. Start at the bottom of your toes, relax your toes, feet, legs and so on. You have to imagine every part relaxing. If that fails when you can't sleep your meant to do boring things, pay bills etc not fun things like reading/ tv as this is seen as "rewarding" the brain for not sleeping. I hope this helps. If not I'd see a doctor as no sleep or food can be good for you and baby.
  • NooeyNooey Posts: 413
  • Try the babycentre garden relaxation. Always sends me off! Xxx
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    It is difficult but you really need your sleep now to help you in a week or so. have you tried a relaxing bath then just reading. avoid the tv if possible
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    Are you stressing about not sleeping? I know that this is a major cause of insomnia (ironic). Obviously it's important to sleep but nothing terrible will happen if you don't. I was exhausted when I went into labour a had been having irregular contractions for 5 days, mainly between 7pm & 3am, but nothing bad happened, navy was born naturally and the sleep deprivation continued!

    your symptoms are annoyingly common anyway so it's nothing major to worry about. Good luck, you're nearly there!
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    I had trouble sleeping near the end of my last pregnancy and I just put it down to subconsciously thinking about everything that's about to happen. Try have a bath and some warm milk before bed. I'm sorry to say nothing worked for me but I'm a right panicker Anyway ha. Hope you get some decent sleep before the little one arrives! X
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