Nappy Changing Wars!

Hi, My son is 10months and has started to crawl and also walk with a walker and since these two things have happened, he is an absolute nightmare to change or get dressed. He is constantly trying to flip over and crawl away. I don't want to give in, but it is easier to let him stand up while I put his nappy on and rub cream into his skin. My husband has been changing him when he is drinking to help the situation, but I think this is also giving into him a bit. Does anyone have any suggestions and have others found this problem around this time. Is it just a phase? Thanks


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    Im also in this phase!! Zak is just coming up to 9 months but in the last month it has been getting increasingly difficult for the same reasons you mentioned...although Zak can not stand unaided (but wants/trys to) which makes life a bit more difficult!


    Ive taken to attaching his pram arch toy thing to his changing mat so he has something to play with, but this isnt fool proof!

    Many a time ive done the reverse nappy putting on thing then just tightened it up when he finally flips over.

    My hubby also decided that its easier to change nappy whilst he has his bottle...but (as he will find out tomorrow when he has him all day) he cant give him a bottle everytime he needs his nappy changing! lol


    Will be interested to see the replies as hoping to get some tips as well xx

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    Hi michelle hope you are well!! God yes nightmare! For his nappy i have to constantly distracted him so blow raspberries or tickle him whilst doing up the nappy. Although the other day he had a number 2 and freaked out when i undid his nappy - poop everywhere little monkey!!

    Getting him dressed like you i have to sit or stand him now!

    Are you on fb? Theres a little group of yyw mummies on there, georgi n alicia from june too. My names natalie bray if you want to ad me then ill add u to group xxx
  • Isla is 11 months and is exactly the same during a nappy change and getting dressed. Not only does she try to get away she SCREAMS in frustration unless given a forbidden toy! (Tv control, coaster, nappy bag)

    My husband says its not normal for kids to so that so I'm very glad it appears quite common!
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    Yes, we have had this problem since Sam was about 10 month old.  Shamefully, i found the TV a great distraction when he was younger as we never put it on apart from when changing him.  I alo used forbidden toys!  I have now become expert at putting the nappy on whilst he is standing, sitting and even moving, it gets easier as they get bigger! Ar the moment (at 22 months) if I can get him to lie down its generally on his front!! 

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    I get caitlin involved, hold nappy or wipes or nappy bag or she has a book
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    For a long time we got away with letting them play with our mobile phones while we changed nappies. After the novelty wore off though we've resorted to dangling things around our necks for them to play with, or counting sometimes keeps them focused enough to get the nappy changed without much of an issue.

    Sometimes though its taken 2 people to change a nappy! image

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    Thanks for everyones help, the last couple of days it has taken two of us to do the changing cause I've also had to put cream on him 3 times a day for his eczema, however we have found this torch that has taken his fancy and made it a lot easier.

    Natalie - I tried to look for you on fb and there were a few Natalie Bray's, do you mind adding me, its Michelle Nankivell (don't think there will be many with my surname!) PS Im in London!

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    We are also going though this phase, what a nightmare phase it is! We try and distract him with a noisy bus, give him a nappy/wipes, but why is it that sometimes he just lies there like a dream?! I do ask why he can't do that everytime! We are becoming quite adept at putting nappies on standing up!
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    I'm loving the 'helpful' hubby who said it's not normal! I think sol babies do this. When we change willow in the bathroom I sometimes let her stand holding into the bat and can get the nappy on whilst she's trying to grab stuff from the other side of the bath.
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