Third degree tear getting me down!!!

Hi, just wondering if anyone else has experienced a third degree tear (i had a forceps delivery and baby took a lot of turning and pulling out....) and can either sympathise with what it feels like or reassure me theirs healed up ok and how long it took/anything would recommend! everytime mine is checked (had baby about 19 days ago) they say it looks worse but to just keep taking painkillers n will heal eventually and they don't want to re touch it even though some of stitches have broken.  I've heard can take up to 12 weeks to heal, i am assuming though it won't be as painful as is now to go to toilet/sit down/walk as it is now for that long though as i really want to enjoy being a mum more than i am! Have been given stronger painkillers today as hurting more each day not less but not sure how long i can take those for though. Their other advice for me is to lie down as much as can on my side but easier said than done with a demanding newborn! image


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    image Its gorrid the pain. I lost 2litres of blood during delivery and my baby girl was taken off me straight away and they took me straight to theatre to repair what they said was 3rd degree tear. When I got there they said it wasn't 3rd degree but a bad 2nd degree. The pain from that was horrendous but it does get easier. I remember not being able to get out of the car because of the pain and my dad and hubby having to help. 

    Bath every morning and night and put a couple of drops of lavendar oil and a couple of drops of tea tree oil in the water. Then put a few drops of the tea tree oil on your pads - will make it tingle/sting a little bit but will heal quicker. 

    If hubby is on pat leave  def go havea lie down. I remeber arguing with hubby that I wasnt tired. he told me to go lie down with ,y book and relax while Esmé was having a nap and I was still asleep 3hrs later!!

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    Oh, ans as painful as it is try and move as much as possible. Hubby said we should go for a walk after 5 days and i was in tears. Literally lent on the pram and walked to the end of the street and back (only 20houses on the street so not far at all!!) I looked a right sight as swollen feet meant i had to wear trainers without lces in and hubbys coat as was raining. Blood less started to ease as sooon as I started amd I just built up each day x 

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    I also have a 3rd degree tear (and had forceps) nearly 6 weeks ago. Mine has seemed to heal well, I too tried getting up and about when possible, slept on my side at night, took diclofenac and changed pads regularly. I just had plain baths but was recommended the Neil's Yard seaweed and arnica oil, but I never got it in the end. I hope you start to feel your normal self again soon xx
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    I did the same with lavendar and tea tree oil in the bath. i used arnica gel on the toos of my thighs which were bruised from stirrups.

    i did have 2 baths a day as the relief from the pain was much more
  • thank you MrsB and RRr2011 and cebpickle1.  think cos it was feeling not to bad after a week n then not healing for a week and looking worse and infected is why is taking a bit longer, good to know yours has healed well 6 weeks on MrsB is diclofenac a painkiller? not heard of that.  just seen again on news about formula milk being rationed.... RRr2011 - good to know u managed to build up walks, and is hard to feel glam after childbirth isn't it especially when recovering with a tear, ive got a freezer female pad thing i use so with maternity pads look quite bulky lol and have got about 10 pounds left on from what i gained! how long did it take to heal yours cebpickle1? i might try arnica gel! x

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    Yep Diclofenac is a painkiller with anti inflammatory properties.

    Although I feel healed I've yet to have a check up appointment so am taking things easy and being aware of it x
  • i  keep worrying ill forget and go to wipe normally but as still sore i don't! i have couple of time dragged myself out of bed as normally would pre tear rather than carefully and ouch!

  • Hi springbride-I did respond a few days ago and my phone crashed!!

    I had a fast labour and had a 3rd degree tear, went to theatre to be stitched up!

    Down their felt alien for weeks- I wouldnt let anyone look down there, in fact after a few weeks my hubby had the first look and said he couldnt see anything! The midwife did comment that I would have had the best stitch job going having gone to theatre!

    I would advise taking it easy, I hated wiping down their and was then worried that I would get infected-get some moisturied toilet paper-ahhh!  I also had a donut pillow to sit on which was AMAZING!! Are you taking fybogel to help things come out easier?? (sorry!).

    Id say by my 6/8 week check I was feeling 90% better and now 7 months on im 100% better.

    For anyone else reading who is in the very early stages of recovery-I found maternity pads really uncomfortable due to tear so I got some tenna ladies and they were so much better!

    It will get better though xx

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    I teatree oil in the bath was a god send, I was having three/four baths a day for the first week after my daughter arrived. I also took arnica tablets and second the comment about maternity pads being very uncomfortable. I used tena ladies throughout from waters breaking to present 4weekspost arrival. The hospital gave me maternity pads and everything I tried th they rubbed and left me even more sore.
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    I used a whole bottle of salt and was having 2 or 3 baths a day with salt in. And I made sure I did lots of walking even though I was in agony and on strong painkillers, didn't help that my breasts got engorged too and they were pure agony as well. I remember the vicar who was due to marry us calling to see me and I just sat and cried

  • hiya, yeah am using the toilet wipes!! i didnt for ages as midwife said better to use paper, one even advised me to use kitchen roll?!?!? after couple wks i decided i knew best lol and back to wipes!! and using salt and tea tree in bath. doesn't feel quite so bad today but still cannot manage walks but at least not painful walking around home n getting housework done today while baby sleeps!! i was like that last Monday mrsleggo, by evening hurt so much after going to loo n was first day at home on my own sitting lots feeding baby that i cried in evening and went to doctors next day for stronger painkillers n found out had more infections i have strong antibiotics for now which seem to be working as not so painful!! are any of you who have had bad tears having any more kids if first? i am not haha. could be few months at least i think before i need to worry about contraception!! midwifes kept saying u must sort contraception soon i said yeah like i will be up for that anytime soon don't worry!! i'll sort going to loo comfortably and out for walks with pram first! image i am taking fybogel i was taking lactulose twice daily as told to do by hospital but i went to loo 11 times in one day and thought this is not right!!

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    Haha - I remember saying the same thing to my midwife about contraception!!! The pain was horrific. I remember coming out of hospital and saying never ever again. And going on about how I can't believe that anybody would ever want to go through that more than once!!! I promise though it doesn't last. Esmé is now 9months and we have just started TTC again

  • i will try n stick to it i plan pets in future when i'm broody!! took him for first wander with pram yesterday (he has been out with Chris and a neighbour but first time with me!)  n bit sore today i didn't even go far! but least i got outsde! image quiet day in wiith him today! just got him to sleep so think ill have a salt bath!! he is 4 weeks Friday so hoping will have healed quite a bit by 6 week check... x

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