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Ladies I've after your help please, my best friend is 6/7 months pregnant and a bit down, she's having a leaving work meal soon and to cheer her up/get her a bit excited I wanted to make her a memory book with stuff for her to fill in. Each page will have questions etc but I'm not sure what to put, my question to you guys is, what would you have like to have journaled for memories sake. I have: About my Mummy About my daddy My mummy's favourite things (colour, music, ....) My Daddy's favourite things (colour, music, ....) My first pictures I dunno - I guess this is why I need your help I have an idea but not sure about the content .... Helpimage L x


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    What about a page for what mummy and daddy were doing on my due date? Then they can fill it in whether baby was early, late or dead on time?!

    I'd put in some little envelopes (maybe coloured ones to pretty it up) to put things like scan pics, hospital bands, first locks of hair.

    I bought a baby record book but there were bits in that which weren't really relevant so to have a personal one would be a really nice present!

    Oh just thought you could have a page for what mummy/daddy is most looking forward to, and some bits for once baby is here like, all the birth details like weight, time, first outfit, who was there, then a bit later what mummy and daddy think ill be when I grow up.

    Personal things that your friend likes, are good, maybe a space for any food cravings she's had, details for all the family tree, space for pregnancy photos (they are something I wish I had more of and all in one place)....I think I'm out of ideas now!

    I hope that helps!
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    Lol Thank you hun, I need to make a list I think nowimage 


    Lou x

  • How about how mummy and daddy meet, spaces of pictures for mummy pregnant.

    Things to fill ot or he future
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    Silly names you almost had

    mummy as a baby

    daddy as a baby

    to take into consideration family make up if different to the norm

    Mummy and daddies pet names.
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    Thanks Ladies I did think of how they met but it wasn't an easy. Start and I thought of bump pics but she hates being pregnant (or fat as she would say) :-/ xx
  • I have got a page with details of on the day bubs was born, number 1 song, prime minister, in the news, price of a pint of milk, 1st class stamp, gallon of petrol etc.

    How mummy felt when she found out she was pregnant

    How daddy felt when he found out mummy was pregnant

    Page for birth story

    Page for baby details - date, time, height, weight, name, first pics.

    Then pages for parents to fill in dates of first smile, laugh, real tear, sitting up unaided, tolling over, crawling, standing, walking etc.

    I also have a double page for photos of baby in 1st month, 2nd month right up to 12 months.

    Page on any pets

    Page about 1st holiday

    Page about 1st Christmas

    Page on other special memories

    That's all I can think of for now. Sorry about jumbled nature of this post - up for a night feed! Xxx
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