Spot of blood

Hi folks

Hope someone can help - yesterday after I went to the loo I noticed a tiny amount of pink blood when I wiped myself.  I dismissed it as nothing major but its happened again this morning.  Its a spot about the size of a 5p piece.  Phoned the local maternity unit for advice and they said that as I'm otherwise well, just to put a pad on and monitor for any more bleeding - if I get any more I've to phone them back again.  I'm currently 35+5 and although I've asked the maternity unit and been given their advice, I'm really freaked out.  We lost a baby at 16 weeks last year with no bleeding so this has me worried.

Can anyone advise or have you been in a similar situation?

Sarah x


  • Raych54Raych54 Posts: 879
    Not been in that situation (im only 30 weeks) but I would just monitor it like they have said. Your in the final few weeks, so it may just be signs of things starting to happen (like the plug coming away).

    But big hugs, I know bleeding can be scary, but they would have told you to come in if they were concerned.
  • MrsC81MrsC81 Posts: 201
    Please try not to panic, I'm sure you'll be fine. My situation wasn't the same as yours, but when I lost my plug (after a sweep) I bled on and off until baby arrived 4 days later. When I spoke to maternity ward about it they said it was a show and that you can have more than 1 show which I didn't know. So it's very possible that it's a sign something is starting. Take care x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    It sounds like it could be a show or start of your plug. i had this spotting around this time.

    I then had baby at 38 plus 5
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