Stroller seat suitable from 6months-why?

Hi ladies My LO is 7 weeks old and she's quite a big girl, 13.1lb and 61cm long. She always looks a bit cramped in the car seat so I had to take the wedge out of it so her little legs weren't hanging over the edge but on walks can I put her in the proper stroller seat so early when it says on the website suitable from 6 months, are they just saying that so we have to buy the carrycot and car seat adapters? I did have the carrycot but my baby girl really didn't like that. I have the icandy peach 2 with the footmuff and it lies back pretty flat and very padded with the footmuff on, do you think she would be ok in that? X


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    I imagine she will be fine.  I think they reccomend the carrycot as its totally flat which is better for newborns sleeping for any long period of time.  We used it till ours was about 5 months and also as a moses basket if we were ever away from home and made sure we got our monies worth image

    However I have a friend whose baby went in the stroller from about 3 months and loved it. She is already nearly 2 months so I'm sure it will be okay.  Xx

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    its more to do with weight than month age (zak was the weight of a 6month old long before he was 6months old!)

    As long as your lo and you are happy for her to go into the seat then do it (although I would try and hold off a bit longer if you can)

    I started using a stroller at 4months because zak was such a big boy and had good head control etc - plus I didnt like laying him completely flat anyway because he was a sicky baby!xx

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    I also have the icandy peach, i contacted icandy as Lucas was bored in the carrycot and wanted to see what was going on. They informed me it was only in the uk that it says from six months, four months is the advice in all other areas, europe etc.

    As you have said you can lie it right back and just lift the end of the stoller up, i,m sure that would be fine. We used the stroller with footmuff frim 3 1/2 months.


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    I don't have an i-candy - we have a silver cross surf and a phil and teds vibe - we had carrycots for them but Esmé hated being in them and never slept- for the same reason you mention about it being too flat. 

    I used to roll and blanket up and make a pillow for her and she was happy then. 

    Personally I moved Esmé into the stroller seats much earlier but I think it is just a case of being sensible. Esmé was a bigger baby and was strong enough to cope with it.

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    Sophie is quite strong, I tried her in the seat in the house in the flattest position and it kind of made her legs sticj up in the air so I think not all the way back would be most comfortable for her. Will give it another couple weeks and see how she is in it then. We did have the carrycot but it was no use so I sold it. She is a bit pukey too like your LO mrskw so I prefer her to be at a slight angle so she isn't gargling it. X
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