Renal kidney dialatation

Hi there I'm pregnant with my 2nd baby and I had my 20 week scan 3 weeks ago. Because Bubba was so curled up in a ball they couldn't clearly see the position of my placenta. As I had low lying placenta last time they booked me for another scan on Wednesday this week. At the scan on Wednesday they said that the baby had renal kidney dialatation in 1 kidney. They brushed over it, told me not to worry but I would be scanned at 28 weeks to check what's going on. Obviously I've researched on google what it is and see that sometimes it can correct itself before baby's born but in other cases it doesn't. I have a midwife appointment next Tuesday so will speak to her then, but just wondered if anyone had experienced this? If so what happened? As much as I'm trying not too, I am worried and concerned. Feel so gutted that nothing was said at my 20 week scan but noted 3 weeks later?! Thank you for reading x
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