Care package for newly pregnant sister

So I have recently found out I'm going to be an aunty! My sister is going to have her first baby, it will be the first grandchild for my parents too.  She's 28 but her partner is 40 this year so they didn't want to wait too long, I'm so happy for them that they did not have to try too long and feel so excited for them!

She is 9 weeks at the moment and had her first (internal) echo last week and everything was looking good. As I live in the UK and she lives with my family in Belgium, I won't be able to see her much during the pregnancy. When I see her next she will be 13 weeks and I would like to give her and her OH a little care package or congratulation present, as unfortunately (apart from a few days in July) I won't be able to see her untill she is due as my work doesn't allow holidays between July and November. image

So I am looking at something nice to put together. I don't think it would necessarily be baby things as 13 weeks is still quite early but a nice care package with maybe some books or things that will be nice for her and her OH during the months to come. I would probably not be able to put in any liquids as I will only be taking hand lugage next time I am visiting her! Or do you ladies think I should wait untill she is a bit further into her pregnancy?

So I was wondering is there any things you really liked or gifts you got while pregnant you really loved? Any books you would advise to give?


  • I loved my Mexican bola necklace which is a bit different and my lo loves it too! There are pretty ones here

    Also, you could think about buying/making her a baby book to record pregnancy and first year things in?? Xxx
  • My friends did a similar thing for me when I was pregnant.

    They put decaf coffee in as I love coffee but you aren't supposed to drink to much caffeine (or decaf tea if she drinks tea), a baby book, bio oil (100ml hand luggage size will last 3years!! Or get it at the airport when you go through security) for stretch marks (I love this stuff, it is amazing and I still use it now), favourite sweets/chocolate, especially if she is abroad and can't get them....

    Maybe a little newborn outfit as it'll probably be the first baby thing she has if you see her at 13 weeks, a photo frame for her scan photo as she'll have just had her scan by then.

    A baby name book, a letter/card from both sets of grandparents to be if they are also in the uk, one of those 5 year, one line a day diaries so she can write a line a day about the next 5 years, great to show the kids when they are older! I'm sure I'll remember other stuff that was in mine as soon as I send this!!
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    Oh thanks ladies that's some great ideas.

    Wow fairkitty I never realized there was a reason for the mexican bola, I am really liking that idea now! I think she will love that!

    My entire family is in Belgium, so I could probably get my mum to secretly help me out on things that I can't get in the hand luggage as well! I think I am getting too excited about putting this together hehe. I will definately go scouting out for these, I still have a few weeks to go. She gave her first echo picture at 8 weeks to my mum and dad to tell them she was pregnant so a nice photo frame for her own scan will probably be really loved for both her and the OH! Thanks for all the great ideas 2014bridetobe! Do you have any ideas about good baby books?


  • What to expect when you are expecting is a good pregnancy book...

    But by far and away the best present I got when I had my first baby was a book called 'Your baby Week by week' by dr Caroline fertleman - it's a really good book and I would recommend it to anyone!
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    I've got a book called Pregnancy and Baby which is good as it starts from conception and goes to baby being a toddler. I love my Bio-oil as well. My mum got me that. I also have a journal called Bump to Birthday and each week you write a little bit and add a picture and keep track of your pregnancy and then there is a section for baby's first year.

    I've liked having the odd bath with some nice bath stuff in and hubby got me some things from Lush which I loved. 

    Love the idea of a frame for baby pics. Hubby got me a heart shaped charm for my Pandora bracelet to symbolise seeing baby's heartbeat on the scan for the first time. That was probably my favourite gift! 

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