Bedtime traumas!

Hi there My little girl is 17 months old & has always been brilliant at nap & bedtimes. Has had a brilliant routine from about 12 weeks old & gone to bed awake and settled and gone to sleep without issues. However for the past week at nap and bedtime she just screams as soon as she's placed in the cot. We haven't changer her routine - it's literally as if she's scared of the cot. She gets so upset. I've tried sitting by the cot, leaving her to cry for short periods & going in to reassure her. Last night she sobbed for an hour before giving in and letting me cuddle her to sleep. I don't want to start bad habits but am finding it so stressful. I'm 24 weeks with my 2nd baby and just want this to resolve itself ASAP. Any ideas? Anyone else experienced something like this? Thank you
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