Bedtime traumas!

Hi there My little girl is 17 months old & has always been brilliant at nap & bedtimes. Has had a brilliant routine from about 12 weeks old & gone to bed awake and settled and gone to sleep without issues. However for the past week at nap and bedtime she just screams as soon as she's placed in the cot. We haven't changer her routine - it's literally as if she's scared of the cot. She gets so upset. I've tried sitting by the cot, leaving her to cry for short periods & going in to reassure her. Last night she sobbed for an hour before giving in and letting me cuddle her to sleep. I don't want to start bad habits but am finding it so stressful. I'm 24 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and just want this to resolve itself ASAP. Any ideas? Anyone else experienced something like this? Thank you


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    I do seem to remember having a phase like this with our daugher around then, it's like she has suddenly twigged that when she goes to sleep you leave her. The fact your down stairs or in another room doesn't matter fact is you're not there. We did the way of putting her down calmly, tell her you will be back in a few minutes, come back after a few minutes about 5 at first, then go back after 10, then 15, 20 etc until she settles. We worked to the theory that we would go to her so she knew we would before she decided to make a huge fuss to make us come back if that backs sense? It worked for us eventually, took about a week or so and but we would always go in 10 minutes after putting her down regardless of if she was crying so she knew we were still there, some times she was already asleep! Try and keep picking up to a minimum, unless she's really distraught. We had a repeat phase around 2 and a half/3 when she was in a proper bed and was getting anxious but now she's fine (now 4).
  • Thanks for your reply. We have been doing the same as you for a week now and she's definitely getting better. Fingers crossed were over the worst of it!! X

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