Stroller for toddler

Hi ladies,

Which strollers would you recommend for a toddler? My son is 20  months and we have looked at the Petite Star Zia, Silver Cross Pop and M&P Kato.  I need one so that my son can sit up properly in it, is lightweight and compact when folded.  We have discounted the Zia as the seat is not as upright as I would like. Anyone have any experience of these? Not looking to spend more than £100 as I will still be using the Sola we have. 


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  • MrsKIrwinMrsKIrwin Posts: 400

    I have the silver cross pop and love it.  The handles are nice and high it has a good hood on it with sun protection in it.  

  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563

    Hi,  we have a Sola as well but needed a stroller for the holiday we went on last week.  I really liked the Maclaren Quest but couldnt justify the cost to throw it around on holiday so got a second hand one off ebay for £30.  we absolutly hammered it on holiday - it was loaded up with towels, beach stuff, toys etc and I cant fault it! Its been amazing!



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