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Can anyone help?

Hi ladies

I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant and had a funny turn in town today.  I was standing in a queue at a checkout and I could feel my heart start to race.  This has happened before so I knew I needed to take slow, deep breaths and wait for things to start to ease.  Before I could do this, I started to feel extremely warm and clammy.  I wasn't able to cool myself down and then began to feel dizzy and like I was going to faint.  I ended up having to sit for 15 minutes and drink water until I had cooled down enough to be able to stand up and go back outside into the fresh air.

Has anyone else had this?  If so, was it a sign of anything serious?

I have the midwife this afternoon but thought I would check on here first.


Sarah x


  • ditzidancerditzidancer Posts: 1,145

    hi hun. im sure its nothing serious i go like this from.time to time and end up fainting! its usually because i havent had much food or drink my sugar levels are low.  it is when i get too hot aswell so try and avoid standing still whilst its hot and drink loads of water.  if i do faint usually tea with sugar helps loads. midwife will prob check your blood pressire this avo but mine is quite low which means im more prone to fainting.  dont worry though sure it'll be fine xxx

  • CCisMarriedCCisMarried Posts: 331

    if you are out and about try and take something with you like a chocolate bar or something sweet and a bottle of water whilst you are out and about.  Your body will be working very hard whilst you are walking around etc so you need to keep it more topped up than the average person!


  • sarah_lou18sarah_lou18 Posts: 318

    Hi folks

    Just an update - saw the midwife and she did all the usual checks which were all fine.l  She thinks it may just be down to anxiety with everything to come over the following weeks, so has advised just to keep an eye on it and if we are in any doubt to phone the hospital.

    Thanks for posting


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