laparoscopy and trying for a baby....

My h2b and myself are trying for a baby and having no luck.

i have now been referred to gyno to start a programme to figure out why im not having periods And not ovulating.

i went to my first appointment today, had blood taken and Swabs.

im booked in for a laparoscopy to see if there is anything wrong internally. Im really worried i have something wrong with me!

has anyone else had this procedure? 

The other problem is taking time off work, i have hardly any holidays left with my honeymoon taking up a great proportion of them so i will have to go back to work the day after the procedure, will i be ok to do this? 



  • MrsPugMrsPug Posts: 626

    Sorry, I can't be much help in terms of the actual procedure as I've not had any experience myself.

    Are you not entitled to sick leave? If the doctors consider that you should not be back in work the next day they will give you a sick note...

  • MrsT13MrsT13 Posts: 285

    I've had the procedure twice. The first time was unsuccesful and recovery afterwards was harder than the successful one due to extra bruising (the couldn't get through the lining). 

    The successful one was much easier, I was able to walk around with little pain. If I remember correctly the doctor signed me off for one week (possibly two, it was over 5 years ago) as I worked in a school. 

    You should be able to tell your work you are having a minor op so will need time off, you shouldn't have to use holidays. 

    Good luck xx

  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    Thanks for the advice, i didnt realise it was such an invasive op..... Really thought id be able to go back the following day. Guess il have to see what they say at the pre op consultation. if im having to have the time off then thats what il have to do. I just feel bad because i had an op last year and needed a week off then, so dreading telling work that il prob be needing a week off for this one. Xx

  • sammywoosammywoo Posts: 56

    I had one recently and you definitely need a week off to recover afterwards. They pump you full of air to get a clear view of the organs and it is the discomfort in your shoulders and under your ribs from all the extra air which is horrible. It's much more comfortable laying down for about 3 days and just getting up when you need to. The pain from the incisions wasn't bad at all, just a bit of bruising. Good luck xxx

  • sammywoosammywoo Posts: 56

    The doctor will give you a sick note so you don't need to use up any holiday xx

  • MrsWood2014MrsWood2014 Posts: 221

    I have also had one recently, and was told by the doctor to take a week off work. The first few days were uncomfortable and I pretty much spent them lying in bed, after that I was up and about a bit more but I have bad reactions to anesthetic so took me a few days to feel myself again. As sammywoo said, the pain from the incisions wasn't bad for me, just a bit uncomfortable. Hope everything goes ok xx

  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    I'm totally dreading it!! But I know I've got to have it done in order findings out why nothing is happening. I'm just praying I don't have anything wrong with me image xx

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