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C Section or Natural Birth?

I just wondered what everyone's thoughts are on c section vs. natural birth? I had my DS naturally with an epidural and he was a big boy 9lb 5oz and I have my second DS due and have been told by my midwife to expect the same weight if not heavier and after discussing with her the implications it could have on my body she has referred me to a consultant to discuss it and talk about the option of a c section as well. First time round I took a while to heal and had a few tears and stitches, even though it was natural I was kept in hospital for three days and I'm dreading going through all of that again. Has anyone had experience of both? x 


  • MrsHunt110611MrsHunt110611 Posts: 1,992

    I haven't had experience of both, but I would say that you need to have a chat with the consultant and really really think through the implications on both scenarios and then make an informed decision.

    Of course remembering that if you pick the natural option you could always opt (or end up with) a c section anyway.

    A friend of mine had an incredibly tiny build at only 5ft 2 and was a size 6 pre-pregnancy. She put on lots and lots of weight during pregnancy and was measuring very big. At a growth scan at 32 weeks they told her that her baby was well over the 95th centile in all areas, and was already at 32 weeks weighing 8lbs 9oz.

    However, they then persuaded her that she could do things naturally. She went on to have an absolutely horrendous natural birth, 40 hours and ended up with an episiotomy that cut right into her bum, needing forceps and had to have a catheter. She was kept in hospital for a week and then had to self catheterise still for a further 2 months and still has problems now after 6 months.

    She is taking legal action against the hospital because she believes that they should have been fairer in their discussions and talked about a C Section, even though there are obvious risks and recovery times with a C section etc etc, she honestly feels that she would have had a better outcome had she opted for the C Section in the first place.

    But everyone is diifferent.

    At the end of the day the choice is yours and yours alone. Every woman is different, the same as every pregnancy, labour and baby is different. Just make sure that you ask all the questions to put your mind at rest and keep in mind that it is your choice alone and you can change your mind!!!

    Also, although most second babies are bigger than first ones, that's not always necessarily the case, so there's no absolute guarantee that you'll have a big baby this time x

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    No experience of both...but I was a gnats knacker away from having a c-section last time as got stuck dialating...but just managed to scrap it to 10cms as the consultant got held up the theatre - otherwise I wouldnt have made it to 10 and would have been taken down!

    I was pushing for the best part of 3 hrs and ended up with 2x labia tears, a tear on the cervix and a prolapsed cervix. This resulted in a trip to theatre to be stitched back up and back in place and a couple of nights stay in hospital

    I had to see the consultant due to this and have been advised that where I was stitched back in place that I may not dialate this time round, OR if I do dialate then I might get stuck again, OR if I manage to given birth naturally then I will almost definately tear and prolapse again - meaning another trip into theatre and a stay over in the hospital.


    Despite this, Ive been told that there shouldnt be any reason why I cant try for a natural birth, so I personally am going to go for the natural option and leave c-section as a last resort again as my recovery was very good/quick last time and I dont really want to put myself through the recovery of a c-section if I dont have to as hubby wont be able to have much time off to help...and theres no way my 1st born (who will only be 15 1/2 months old) will understand why I cant pick him up etc.

    But, ultimately, the health of the baby comes first so if the hospital or midwife tells me I have to have a c-section for whatever reason then I will.


    Its a tricky decision to make which ever way you look at is, as you could decide to try natural but end up with a c-section anyway! xxx

  • again not what you wanted to know but i had a big boy 9.8 and got torn badly then cut and had an awful recovery, despite the horror story and saying never again got pregnant again and  as this one also measured big it was decided I would be induced 2 weeks early did not like the induction process a lot of waiting around for things to happen but had my son the next day this one was 8.12 no gastly tear though and came home the next day. hope this helps x

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    My cousin had a large baby for her first weighing in at 10lbs.She ended up with an emergency c-section. 2nd time round, they advised her to have a planned c-section as baby was likely to be big again. Baby was delivered 2 weeks early weighing over 10lbs. She as relieved to have opted for the c-sec!

    I'm due in 5 weeks with baby number 1, so keen to have a natural birth, however if they advised it I would go with a c-section. Just talk it through with the consultant and make sure you have pros and cons to weigh it up. 

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