First time on baby forum, just wondering if anyone had experience trying to get pregnant after depo inj. Got so many things to consider, wedding coming up, epilepsy tablets and coming off inj. Any info and experiences appreciated xxx 


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    Hi Kezi

    I was on depo and my doctor said it could take up to 2 years for it to leave your system! I came off the injection in the March and by the December my cycle had become regular again. We then used condoms til we were ready to start trying.

    i think on average it takes a year for your body to return to normal.

    Good luck! X

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    I came off depo and it took me 15 months to get my bfp, gave up actively trying after 13 months to concentrate on planning our wedding and two month later we got a surprise and had to postpone the wedding until our little girl was 3 months old


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    Thanks for sharing girls, really helpful xxx 

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    when i came off the depo it took 18 months to get a reasonalbly normal cycle (its never gone back to 28 days every month), we used condoms for 2 years due to wedding and buying a house then took 2 months to concieve, unfortunatly it was an ectopic but hope this helps

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    i was on the injection for 4 year. came off it in august 2010 to start ttc. periods returned may 2011 finally fell pregnant in september 2012 after 21 months if trying and had a beautiful baby boy last month (june 2013) xx

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    Hi, don't know if this will be any help but I came off the injection years ago &I had really really heavy periods almost straight away went on the pill to help regulate & make lighter & had tablets to decrease the bleeding. Just thought I'd let you what happened to me, wasn't a problem for long tho image xx

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    Thank you, very helpful! image 

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    I came off depo in the december, periods started again March but every two weeks.  Had been told probably wasnt ovulating but stopped using condoms in the june and was pregnant in the August!  Periods returned normally when baby 6 months old and now pregnant with number 2!


  • I'm off inj now, yeay! Wish me luck! 

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