I need help - on Saturday I took an Asda pregnancy test which showed a faint positive line, I then bought a ClearBlue Digital test and posted the picture on here which said 'Pregnant - 1-2 weeks'. Today I have had cramps and bleeding so decided to go to hospital to get checked out, they told me that urine and blood tests have come back negative and that I am not and haven't been pregnant.

I am totally confused/upset - how can the ClearBlue test be wrong???  Thought you couldn't get false positives? I've also had really sore boobs, heartburn etc etc.

im sat here so upset and don't know what to think image


  • bw124bw124 Posts: 258

    As far as I know, you can get false positives. Sorry FunkyBride2B. Xxx

  • nicolajane82nicolajane82 Posts: 531

    Oh no FunkyBride I'm so sorry to hear that image was the hospital not able to explain it, that doesn't sound very helpful.  Hope you are ok xx

  • sunshine:)sunshine:) Posts: 93

    So sorry Funky Bride, sounds like an early MC to me. I don't think you can get false positives, so sounds like you were pregnant but not now image  gutted for you. Is it like a period? Xx

  • FunkyBride2BFunkyBride2B Posts: 1,183

    The hospital wasn't very helpful, they did an internal exam (very painful) and kept me waiting for hours. They took urine to do a test when I first arrived, then didn't bother to test it. Sent me to another part of the hospital and made me drink a litre of water before having an ultrasound, where they said they could see nothing but that it may be too , soon to see anything anyway. Then they made me do another urine sample (after having about ten wees whilst I was there which I know can affect the level of hormone) then told me my hormone levels are too low to be pregnant and they've never heard of a false positive. I even showed them the pic of the test I had on my phone and they didn't know what to say.

    sunshine - yes it feels like a period with cramps, although seems to have stopped now.

    Trying to keep my chin up and stop crying, it's hard after TTC for 10 months with no luck and then feeling so happy the last few days only to feel like utter crap now image

  • sunshine:)sunshine:) Posts: 93

    Aww I understand how you feel, it's heartbreaking going from the highest high to the lowest low image

    Do they want to see you again at hospital? Just keep an eye on the bleeding, you'll know for sure in the next day or so if its a MC xx

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    It doesn't soundalike they could give you a very decisive answer if its too early to see anything and your urine would have been so diluted from drinking all that water image especially if they couldn't answer why you had a positive test!  If nots not too stressful would it be worth trying another test tomorrow morning just incase? Big hugs xxx

  • FunkyBride2BFunkyBride2B Posts: 1,183

    I think I will wait a week and then do another test, it's been a very stressful day so I'm going to have an early night. Thanks for all of your responses xx

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    I can't believe the hospital were that useless!

    Pregnancy is much more grey than just you are/aren't pregnant.  There's fertilization, implatation, then all the cell division, placenta forming, heart starting etc.  (I'm sure you know all this!). I'm sure you were pregnant and the test was right, but for whatever reason the pregnancy didn't fully develop.  Although this is horrendous for you & really upsetting, it's very common and back in the day before tests were so sensitive would happen a lot but people would never realise they were pregnant so would just assume they were having a period.  It happened to me the month before I conceived my little girl.

    Anyway, take care of yourself, allow yourself to feel legitamately upset but do keep trying, it will happen xxximage

  • FunkyBride2BFunkyBride2B Posts: 1,183

    Thank you EllieKate, I'm really upset but feel so stupid because I've been told I was never pregnant. I do think that I was though, just not for very long.

    Im now worried about using pregnancy tests in the future, and am never going to trustwhat  they say.

    Fingers crossed it will happen to me someday xxx

  • EllieKate83EllieKate83 Posts: 1,431

    Don't feel stupid, Things definitely happened and your body started producing the hormone but then for whatever reason the pregnancy didn't develop so your hormones dropped off to allow your body to start your cycle again (and although this is probably no comfort an early MC like this is at least physically easier for your body to deal with.

    As for pregnancy tests there's no harm in waiting until your a week late to test (hard I know).  After my experience when I was late the second time I didn't take a test for 9 days as I had exactly the same symptoms and was sure my body was just messing me around. Sometimes your body has a little practise before the real thing. 10 months must feel like a long time but it isn't abnormal & from what's just happened to you I'd say you're definitely ovulating and fertilization happened too so there's every chance that it will happen soon. x

  • FunkyBride2BFunkyBride2B Posts: 1,183

    Thank you EllieKate, it's nice to hear from someone who had the same thing who then went on to have a healthy pregnancy image

    I will pull myself together and hopefully it will happen one day, but you're right I don't think I will ever do a test too early again xx

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