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Hiya Ladies!


i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction... After 4 months of TTC number 2 I think I'm going to try some temp charting to see if it helps us out. (It took 3 months with number 1 so am getting a bit fidgety and have got shorter cycles this time so think it might help)

So has anyone had success with basal temp charting? Given until about 10 mins ago I thought you that to take the temp of your foof I need all the help I can get! Or should I just go for ovulation testing?

Also, odd question- how on earth can you assess your CM if you're DTD a lot? Grim but doesnt the 'leftovers' get in the way? (Sorry didnt know how to phrase that better!)

Any help is much needed and much appreciated! 


  • coco1981coco1981 Posts: 246

    Hi Mrs M, brilliant question! I've been wondering about the 'leftovers' situation for a while now and totally agree that it makes CM judging pretty hard!

    I'm a massive fan of basal body temping as I'm pretty sure without it I would never had got pregnant with my little boy. Other than getting a BFP or AF 10-14 days after you ov that only other way you can definitely know you ovulated is by seeing a sustained thermal shift in your temp. You need to get a thermometer with 2 decimal places to be really accurate, then take your temp every morning (at around the same time) before you move/talk/do anything else. You can chart it with an online site like Fertility Friend and they help to analyse your temperatures which I find really helpful. Their online learning course is really helpful and explains everything.

    Good luck with it. I don't think it's for everyone but its such a part of my routine now I don't even notice I'm doing it. I'm no expert but happy to answer questions if it will help!

  • MrsChompMrsChomp Posts: 490

    I definitely recommend Fertility Friend and their series of emails when you sign up answers a lot of questions! You're not entirely wrong as you can take your BBT either orally or vaginally. As coco says, you'll need a BBT thermometer (i got mine from Amazon for around £5 I think) and you need to take your temp as soon as you wake up before you do anything, and as close to the same time every day as possible. Entering your temps on an app like FF will track them for you - but you'll need to track temps for a couple of cycles to really see a defined pattern. 

    Man juice can look similar to watery/EWCM but it doesn't stretch if you pull it apart between your fingers. It tends to break. 

    I found temping really helpful to pinpoint when I ovulate but I found it a bit too stressful to maintain after a few cycles so i now rely on OPKs, but like coco said, loads of women really like it so it's definitely worth a try. Good luck!

  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536

    Thanks Ladies!

    Am in two mind really..... We've had a stressful time at home and work's been very busy too so not sure whether I should chill for a few months as we are.... I am a bit obsessive when I get going and I don't know how much extra pressure it will put on....

    Given I'm changing my mind daily probably best to hold off.... 


    Thanks for your replies though image

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