My IVF Diary

Well as promised last week I said i'd start a bit of a diary of my IVF experience! No one ever really broadcasts the fact they're going through IVF (friends & colleagues etc..) & even if they do I think its difficult to know how much you can ask them & how much they want to share! I've read all sorts of info on the Internet about IVF & often check in with Dr Google about various TTC questions I may have!

For those of you that don't know, I started TTC in January 2011 & after all this time finally I get my chance with IVF. I've had various tests & appointments over the last couple of years & after being refered to St Marys in Manchester I had more tests there in April this year & finally we had our consultation a few weeks ago. I collected my drugs last week & had a bit of a lesson on what to do.. but I think it went in one ear & out the other!! I then went home & waited for AF!!

AF arrived Thursday evening, so I rang the hospital first thing Friday (CD1) to request a scan & a blood test.

Saturday - CD2 - went to St Marys, had to be there for 7.45am (all blood tests are done early morning) Had a scan too & collected some other drugs, then went home & waited for them to ring me. They eventually rang mid afternoon to say all the results were ok & I could go ahead & start the cycle today!! Yippee! At last! I thought today would never come!

So CD2 becomes 'DAY 1' now & a few hours later I did my first injection. I have to say it wasn't bad at all, I was more nervous about mixing the solution & powder etc.. You have to inject a solution into a tiny bottle of powder, swirl it around til it's clear & then get another needle to draw the liquid out (to your correct dose - mine is 225) & then inject it into your belly. I didn't feel a thing - honestly!! Infact i've been looking forward to doing my 2nd injection today 'DAY 2'  I just keep thinking each one is one step nearer to what i've been wanting for years now. So thats 2 down - just a few more to go!!



  • This is great.  Thank you for sharing so far.  Best of luck purpletulip.  I look forward to reading your updates image

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    Good luck with your journey, I think this diary is a fantastic idea. I really hope you get your BFP soon.xx

  • Just want to say good luck with your IVF journey, I hope it is a short one and you get your BFP!Xxx

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    good luck purpletulip, this is a great idea, thnks for sharing - fingers crossed for your BFP soon xx

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    Hi, Purple Tulip - thanks so much for sharing your journey! Good luck with everything, I shall be reading avidlyimage

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    Wishing you all the luck in the world purpletulip x

  • I have my fingers crossed for you, look forward to hearing more x

  • Thank you for starting your diary PurpleTulip, I look forward to reading it. I have everything crossed for you x x

  • Hi. Thanks for everyone's good luck messages & nice comments, I was a bit unsure if this was a good idea or not - but it seems it was! I would've found something like this quite useful to read I think, so if any of you end up heading down the route of IVF you may find this has been helpful. I'm not claiming to be an expert - far from it. I'm sure I'll be asking for advice myself too!

    So here's what's been happening since my last post (Day 1)

    Day 2 - 225 Menopur injection at 6pm

    Day 3 - 225 Menopur injection at 6pm

    Day 4 - 225 Menopur injection & 0.25 Cetrotide injection at 6pm

    Today is Day 5 & i'm now doing 2 injections a day - The ususal 225 of Menopur & the extra one is 0.25 Cetrotide. Doing the injections has been fine, it only takes a few minutes & honestly doesn't hurt!! I was sick last night though & again at 3am! I was due to get up for work at 4am (I'm cabin crew) so regularly have to get up at 'stupid o clock' ..anyway, I ended up ringing in sick & didn't get out of bed until 2pm - which is soooo unlike me! I just felt totally drained of energy! I've got an appointment at the hospital in the morning so I will mention that I've been sick etc.. as it can be a symptom of OHSS! Fingers crossed it isn't though, as in some severe cases they have to cancel the treatment cycle. 

  • Day 6.

    had to go for a blood test this morning, they said they'd call me if my medication needed adjusting. I haven't heard from them so everything must be ok & my medication stays the same. I told them I'd been sick & she just said to make sure I eat something before I do my injections as i've been doing them at 6pm on an empty stomach - we normally have dinner about 7ish.

    Next appointment is 8am Saturday morning (and its my 40th birthday!!) I need to have another blood test & a scan - I'm looking forward to the scan - I think they tell me how many follicles I have, so I get some idea how I'm responding to the meds. Then after that, I'm having my hair done & I've got 30+ people coming round to my house at 4pm for a 'garden party' to celebrate my birthday. Hope the weather stays nice!!

  • What's OHSS purple? And what days do they do egg retrieval and replacement? Sorry for the Q's, I'm fascinated! 

    Pleased the injections aren't too bad to do, imagine once you've done it a couple times you just get used to it. 

    happy birthday for tomorrow, hope the scan goes well and enjoy the celebrations! Xx

  • Really interesting read Purpletulip and I wish you all the luck in the world with it. I shall continue to read with interest and send lots of good wishes and vibes your way

    Happy birthday for tomorrow, hope the weather stays nice and you have a lovely day

  • Hi, sorry I've not been updating my IVF diary - I've had a busy few days!

    Sunshine - OHSS is Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome! It can happen when your ovaries overreact to the fertility drugs. The ovaries swell to several times their normal size & may leak fluid into the abdomen. It can be very serious & you can end up in hospital. Symptoms range from vomiting, being thirsty, difficulty breathing & you may develop blood clots!!

    So, Day 7 - Felt absolutely fine! Usual injections menopur & cetrotide.

    Day 8 (my birthday!!)

    I got up at 7am as I had to be at the hospital for 8am for blood tests & my first scan, I've been so excited about this scan because it tells us how many follicles I have. So after opening a couple of birthday presents from DH I went to the hospital, had my blood test & then had to wait until 9am for my scan. I've got 6 follicles, 3 in the right ovary & 3 in the left. 2 are 13mm 2 are 17mm 1 is 21mm & the biggest is 23mm. I didn't know what was a good number of follicles but thought it was ok. I also knew that they need to be at least 18mm for egg collection. I had a consultation with the nurse after the scan & she said they would hope that the 2 smaller (13mm) follicles catch up but they didn't want the 2 bigger (21mm & 23mm) ones to get any bigger. On average they grow about 2mm a day. She said they would give me a call in a few hours, as the blood test results would tell us more.

    So, she rang later & told me I had to reduce my menopur to 150 for today & that would be my last menopur injection. I have to do the same amount of cetrotide today & tomorrow. I need to have to my trigger shot of Pregnyl at midnight on Sunday (Pregnyl stimulates the follicles & ovulation, they give you a precise time to do the trigger shot. It needs to be done 35 hours before egg collection) She then told me My egg collection is scheduled in for Tuesday morning!! I need to be at the hospital for 7.30am

    wow, all that information, I'm scared, nervous & excited all at the same time! But it's my birthday so I don't really have much time to sit & think & google to find out any more information. I went to get my hair done & my party was starting at 3.30. We had a few more decorations to put up & food to prepare.. I had 40 people coming round to my house!! Everyone loved it & I got some beautiful beautiful presents From my friends - to name a few.. I got 2 Jo Malone gift sets, a gorgeous DKNY clutch bag, a Chanel make up brush & lots of champagne!!! Only 3 of my friends know I'm half way through my IVF cycle so trying to avoid alcohol was a bit tricky! One friend kept saying 'let's do a shot' & another kept trying to top my glass up!! I had half a glass of champagne all day, I just kept topping my glass up with lemonade - I managed to get away with it luckily. I disappeared to do my injections at 6pm with no problem & carried on with party. I finally got to bed at 2am! I had a brilliant birthday & loved every minute!

  • Day 9 - did the cetrotide injection at the usual time 6pm & my trigger shot at midnight. (My last injection - this seems to have come round so quick!

    Day 10 - Bank Holiday Monday & what a beautiful sunny day. Me & hubby went out for the day, we decided to go to Formby Beach. It was lovely, its only about an hour's drive for us but neither of us have been before. We sat on the beach all afternoon In the sun & had a lovely day. No trip to the sea side is complete without having fish & chips so that's what we did before heading home! 

  • Day 11 - Egg collection day!

    Got to the hospital at 7.30. We were directed onto the ward & I was shown 'my bed' it's fair to say there's a lot of waiting around, I was 6th on the list & due to go down at 11am. DH had his sperm sample appointment at 10.15 & various people came to see us throughout the morning, the nurses to check details & take your blood pressure, the anesthetist, the embryologist etc.. & then someone comes round to double check their checks & before you know it it's time to go. So I was ready & waiting in my NHS surgery gown & off I went. I walked into the theatre & got on the bed, all I remember is the needle going into the back of my hand & the nurse talking to me about holidays & the next thing I woke up in the recovery room - it was all done.

    I was wheeled back onto the ward, I had some toast & a drink & had to go to the toilet before I was allowed home. The embryologist came to see me & said they had managed to get 3 eggs! i was hoping for at least 4 image 2 for now & 2 to freeze! they said on average 60% fertilise, so I could end up with just 1. or worst case non will fertilise & its game over!! All done & ready to go, we left the hospital just before 1pm. I felt fine, just a bit light headed really. Got home & relaxed on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon & then we went out for dinner, I felt a bit tender in my lower abdomen but nothing serious. It just feels a bit like you've pulled a muscle or trapped wind. I went to bed hoping & praying that my 3 little eggs & DH sperm 'get it on' tonight!!!

    The hospital will ring first thing the next morning to let me know how they are!!


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    Just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world. I really really hope this gets you your little baby xxx

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    Purple, this really is fantastic - thank you so much for doing this. Glad you had a good birthday too!

    Good luck to H2Bs swimmers, hopefully they will find/have found all the targets!


  • Really great diary, so interesting to read. I am keeping everything crossed that your eggs and husband's sperm "got it on last night" (love that!) and have made a little baby to be!!

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    What a brilliant post! I find these things so useful! My parter and I have been trying to concieve for a long time now, and there is nothing more in the world that I want now. ,  I never felt though that I could pluck up the courage to talk to my doctor about how I was feeling! I finally went to see my doctor a couple of weeks ago, and she is now arranging for us both to have some tests. Wish I had spoken to her sooner now as the ball is finally moving for us! As daft and selfish as it sounds it just gives me comfort knowing that other people go through the same thoughts and feelings as I do. I literatly think about having a baby first thing in the morning and think about it last thing at night, its such a horrible feeling that something so natural is proving so difficult for me and my h2h! I really wish you all the luck and love in the world purpletulip and thanks for sharing your journey with us all!! xxxxx

  • Day 12

    Well girls - it's good news!! The clinic have telephoned & all 3 eggs have fertilised!! Wow! I'm so happy! I can't believe i've got 3 out of 3!!! I've phoned DH at work & congratulated him on his 'super sperm' image

    At my clinic if you have 3 or more fertilised embryo's they do a 'day 3' transfer. Any less & it would've been a day 2 transfer. So if all 3 make it to Friday & they're all good quality then they recommend a day 5 transfer (blastocyst) which would be Sunday.

    Friday or Sunday - I don't mind, they know best!! I just hope they all make it. The clinic will ring me again on Friday morning to let me know the 'quality' & when the transfer will be.

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    Yay yay yay!!!!imageimageimageimageimage

    Brilliant news!!!!

    Got everything crossed for youimage

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    Keep us all updated!! xxxx

  • Oh wow that's amazing news - congratulations! Definitely some super sperm going on there!!

    Best of luck for when they implant - will continue to keep everything crossed!

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    Oh that's fab!  image  You/ your body seems to be coping with IVF really well so far; keeping my fingers crossed it's all plain sailing and you get your bfp first time round! Will you have 2 of the 3 transferred? x

  • That's fab news, fingers crossed xx

  • Day 13 - nothing to report! Just hoping my 3 little embryos are doing ok in the hospital lab & make it to at least Friday for 'egg transfer' There's more risk involved leaving it until Sunday (day 5 Blastocyst transfer) & they only do that if they're top quality embryo's. the hospital said they're going to ring me about 9am.

    Day 14

    Got the much awaited phone call just after 9am.

    They made it!!! I've got 2 good embryos to transfer. 1 is an 8 cell & the other is a 7 cell with slight fragmentation. (They need to be at least 6 cell to be any good) My 3rd is a 6 cell but not of a good enough quality suitable for freezing.

    I've got 2 good eggs & I'm transferring both. We could  opt for just 1 if we want to but I don't want to risk freezing the other one as sometimes when they thaw they don't thaw well & aren't good enough to use. So I've literally got 'all my eggs in one basket now' 

    I need to be at the hospital at 10.30 & it will be done about 11.15 & I can come home straight after. It's a bit like having a smear test.

    when I arrive at the hospital I'm greeted by the lovely nurses & shown to the waiting area where another girl is waiting for her transfer too. We chat about what's been happening so far.. Injections, the egg collection & how we're feeling now. I'm feeling really excited! In about half an hour I'll have two fertilised embryos inside me! 2 potential babies!! Wow!!

    When it's my turn, I'm called through to the room, it's the same room where I had the egg collection, it's very clinical & a bit like an operating theatre. 

    The procedure is quite quick, they put a gel on your lower tummy area & start the scan so it's a bit like a pregnancy scan & you see what's going on on the screen. The embryologist inserts a catheter & very fine tube. I can see it on the screen, there's a little flash & they're in!! Simple as that!! She said they went in very easily & it was all straight forward. I ask a few questions about the quality & my womb lining etc.. & I'm ready to go. They gave me a scan picture too - the embryos are microscopic so you can't actually see much. Just a tiny white line on the paper.

    so I'm all done, I walk to the car, drive home (about 25 mins) & relax on the sofa for the rest of the day! You're told you can carry on with your life as normal but you must take it easy. No heavy lifting, no saunas or swimming pools & nothing too strenuous. I've read loads of different things online, some people have 3 days complete bed rest, but then some say that's bad for you, as you need to keep the blood flow going to help implantation. Online There's all sorts of do's & dont's & foods to eat & foods to avoid. But the clinic don't tell you this as non of it is proven to help, so really it's just up to you & what you think is best for you. I've heard Brazil nuts, pineapple & avocado is good, so i'll be eating those that's for sure! Also, no ice cold drinks, ice cream etc.. Just relax & keep warm.

    my official test day is Monday 16th September. It all seems to have been straight forward up to now, so fingers crossed it continues in my 2ww.

  • It's really interesting to hear how it all works, I really hope you get your bfp!

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    Good luck for your 2WW and I really hope you get your BFP! I will now be stalking this thread to see the outcome image xx

  • Good luck purpletulip! I just came over all emotional reading your diary.

      I really have everything crossed for you xx
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    Good luck! Keeping everything crossed for you.x

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