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Hello, we are trying to weigh up our birthing options, has anyone here given birth at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, just wondering what your experience was like



Nicola x


  • Hi Nicola, I had both my little boys here Miller in 2007 & Cooper in April this year, both completely different experiences, but both really good. When I was pregnant in 2007, I was due in sept but had been displaying signs of pre-eclampsia from the end of June severe swelling where I could hardly walk, midwife at the surgery was a complete waste of time just kept fobbing me off with oedema is a common side effect of pregnancy, took matters into my own hands phoned hospital, explained to them told me to come in ASAP. Was admitted that night bloods & urine showed I had full blown pre-eclampsia & my kidneys had completely failed was told if I hadn't went in when I did I would of been dead by morning. After some more tests, scans & a central line being put in, they started an induction but baby was breech I deteriorated so was rushed to theatre for emergency caesarean, miller was 3 weeks early & spent a week in neo-natal but the care I received before, during & after his arrival was outstanding.The doctors & midwifes saved me & my baby life's. Cooper was born by elective caesarean, a completely different situation, but a lovely experience people would say I was nuts saying a section was a lovely experience but it was calm & planned went into hospital for 7.30 in theatre by 8.30, baby by 9.30 and back on the ward by lunchtime. After care was great 2nd time too, thought I would just be left since it was my second. I was in the labour ward & ashgrove ward both times. Hope this helps, good luck when the time comes 

    Vicki x

  • Hi Vicki,


    Thanks for your reply, its helped put my mind at ease a lot image Im so sorry you had such a traumatic time with Miller, it must have been incredibly scary, thank goodness you took matters in to your own hands!  Glad to hear that AMH were really good and you got excellent care, the reason I had asked is a couple of my friends havent had great experiences with them in the care they received while in labour (although both recieved great care during delivery and afterwards) its scared me a bit and Im now trying to weigh up where is best to go, while keeping myself calm and putting the safety of our baby first!


    Thank you x

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    I am interested to hear about AMH too. I have friends with mixed opinions. But there isnt really any other choices for places to give birth in Aberdeen though, is there? 

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    Is that Foresterhill? I was born there! Some of my friends are still up that way and have only said good things about the experience they had there.

  • Yeah Forresterhill MrsWilson image glad to hear your friends have had good experienced, typical I've just heard of bad ones haha!


    It's definately not the only option BabyBlue, there are a few community hospitals in Aberdeenshire, Peterhead and Montrose are supposed to be amazing and I've been told that Aboyne is re-opening in September, although would only be options if the pregnancy was low risk I think.  One of the girls in my NCT class visited Montrose and was very impressed, they have atransfer to hospital rate of only 6% !  We are going to go and view Aboyne when it reopens and maybe Peterhead too, unfortunately Montrose is just too far away, I think they've even got a birthing pool!x

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    Were in Portlethen so i guess Montrose could be an option for us. I just dont know as yet, guess we'll have to visit there and the hospital and make a decision. I would actually love a homebirth but hubby said no. 

    does the AMH have the labour ward and also a midwife led unit in it? 


  • Glad to hear good things about AMH - although not pregnant yet!

    I didn't realise you could choose somewhere else - we are in Portlethen too so if/when i do fall preganant will definitely consider there too!



  • Im the same with the homebirth but hubby isnt keen, I think he thinks its too risky!


    Yeah I think AMH has the labour and midwife unit, so atleast there is the option to have a more relaxed birth there if its low risk I would imagine!


    Definately have a visit of Montrose, I was so jealous hearing about it, as we are too far away as it sounds fantastic, the Midwives sound really friendly and they spent 40mins showing around and chatting to the couple from my NCT class, so nothing sounds like too much trouble.  And I think theyve got a couple of birthing pools too if thats something you are interested in, AMH only has 1! x

  • I've just given birth at AMH. I'm also in Portlethen too!

    i had been in and out with a lot of bleeding (around 17 times) and ok it's dated but you honestly can't fault the staff. I was induced on Westburn ward which isnt nice as your partner has to leave @ 9/10pm and contractions during the night weren't fun image 

    labour ward was amazing! I would go back any day but I was shocked how quickly I got out! X

  • I can't believe there are so many ladies from Aberdeen (especially Portlethen!) on the forum. They better get moving with that new primary school lol

    also lovely to hear good things about our delivery options - i now just need to fall pregnant!! X

  • AMH does have a midwife unit & a labour ward, think you can only go to midwife unit if you have had a straight forward pregnancy with no complications & if your not being induced. im in Ellon and with my 1st baby was offered Peterhead but opted for Aberdeen would of ended up there anyway but I'm sure you have to be in a certain catchment area to go to the smaller community hospitals x

  • There sure is a lot of Portlethen ladies here!!

    The visiting times is something I am very scared about. I hate the thought of being kept in whist in labour but being told that my husband has to go home.

    Where as in Montrose, they allow them to stay the whole way through and they can also visit any time they want once baby is there.

    IS the Montrose one NHS? or private? and if you stated that you wanted to be transferred to AMH shoudl anything get worrying, would they respect that wish?

  • Good to see so many people from Aberdeen/shire image


    Congrats on your recent birth Bella image how quickly did you get released afterwards?  Im glad to hear you had such a good experience after having such a scary time with bleeds!  Im not looking forward to being there overnight with Andy being sent home, especially as it will take him 40mins to get back if something happens!


    Wishing you lots of luck wannabemama and sending you lots of baby dust image


    The Montrose one is NHS, aparently there are no private facilities in the Aberdeen area! I was really surprised to hear that given what a rich city it is!  I thought folk would be crying out for it!  I dont think you would get much choice about being transferred to AMH if there was anything wrong, you would be blue lighted all the way, Ive been told their transfer to hospital rate is only 6% so the chances would be incredibly small of that happening, but then again thats probably down to the fact that they will only take low risk pregnancies.


    Ive got my 28wk midwife appt on the 17th so will ask her about Aboyne re-opening just incase there is anyone interested in it as an option xx

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    No actual experience but I am from Aberdeen too (and was born at AMH!) and not heard anything negative about it...  Not sure how helpful that is but have a good few friends and acquiantences that have given birth there and think that you would always hear about it if they had a horror story rather than hear a positive story if you know what I mean! x

  • Thanks image


    let's let out 24hrs later. However would of been 6 if Mia hasn't been 4weeks early. So they wanted the 24HRS. X

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