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I am pregnant with baby number 2 and when he is born my DS will only be 2 so I will still need a double buggy when out and about. I have been thinking about getting a baby carrier as well for short walks to the park and maybe doing things around the house as I know I can't leave baby and DS together whilst I'm doing housework and cooking. I just wondered if anyone has any recommendations? I don't like the thought of a babasling. I liked the Caboo DX but it's very masculine which puts me off. OH has said he would like to use it now and again so I can't have anything too feminine like a moby wrap either. My other concern was how hot the baby will get? As he's due in the winter I am intending to put him in pramsuits but would this be too much when held close in a carrier/sling? x


  • hlg81hlg81 Posts: 107

    am interested to hear the answer to this too- have looked into slings and was surprised at the huge number of options! have you a sling meet near you? i am planning on going to one when i start mat leave, as i think it may be a nice way to meet some people, but also because i get confused about which is best, and how to use them!! 

  • MrsH1984MrsH1984 Posts: 553

    I can really recommend the Ergo and you can get a newborn insert for them too x

  • We have the Beco Gemini which is very good, I let hubby pick the colour/pattern he would be happy to be seen in, you also get the Beco Soleil for warmer weather.  I used the Hanababy stretchy wrap with Ollie in a thin snowsuit and it was fine, it's bamboo and more breathable.  I also hear great things about the Connecta carriers.  Just make sure it's ergonomic and not going to cause hip dysplatia, the baby bjorn ones aren't great I've read.  Sling meets / libraries will definately help you decide, there seems to be so much choice out there, in my local area there is a Facebook group for babywearers so it might be worth checking Facebook image

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