New graduates thread?

Hi everyone!

Ages ago there was a thread for anyone having a baby. I just wondered if anyone wanted to start this up again? It might be nice to discuss baby and pregnancy things outside our due in... threads.

Look forward to chatting to all the mummies to be!


Whos Who

Due in Jan 2014


Due in Feb 2014

MrsMac (Lucy):  EDD 02/02/2014, Team yellow

Due in March 2014

NowMrsB2012 (Gemma): EDD 03/03/2014, Team blue/pink

Monkeygirl (Lyndsey): EDD 25/03/2014, Team blue/pink

Due in April 2014

MrsLM23 (Lauren): EDD 11/04/2014 Team blue/pink


  • MrsLM23MrsLM23 Posts: 924

    Ooh I like this idea as I can work out what to expect in the coming weeks. Always stalking your thread to see how my symptoms should ease etc lol! Xx

  • Sounds good to me! What stage are you? I'm 20+6.

  • Yay! I'm pleased you guys like the idea image

    that was my thought too Lauren- I like reading the threads ahead of me image

    I'm 15 weeks today image


  • MrsLM23MrsLM23 Posts: 924

    I'm 9+3 image I also love reading the threads for the month we're on as I love reading all the birth announcements! Haha x

  • Fab idea, I was always looking forward to the feb 2014 thread to see what was normal etc. Although I'm very lucky to have ladies on the march 2014 ahead of me that I can annoy with questions image.x

  • I'm apparently 13 weeks by scan, although by my dates 11+6. Will go with the scan date for now though and hope the baby isn't a huge monster!x

  • mrsmacmrsmac Posts: 322

    Sounds like a good idea, I keep dipping into the other threads to see how people were doing at the same number of weeks as me, and I'm hovering between Jan/Feb 2014 threads as I'm due at the start of the month.  19+2 today.

  • Great! When I get to the laptop ill do a who's who at the top of the page image just let me know when you are due xx

  • mrsmacmrsmac Posts: 322

    that's a good idea NowMrsB2012, it'll be nice to keep an eye on that as the dates get closer and great to see all the birth announcements and hopefully some pics image

    I'm Lucy and EDD is 02/02/2014, we're team yellow so waiting for a surprise!

  • Ive updated those who I know. Look forward to others joining image

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