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xmas food substitutions while pregnant?

I am 15 wks pregnant and finding it difficult being off so many foods that are in the unsafe while pregnant list. With my 1st baby I wasn't pregnant over xmas so although I missed foods, it wasn't so obvious I was missing out on them (apart from rare steak!). Around xmas there are staples you wouldn't have as often normally and I was wondering what other people were eating instead. Thanks in advance & merry Christmas. 

The foods

 I miss the most being:



Parma ham (really craving it!)





Camembert (any nice cheese! II've got some manchego but it just isn't the same!)


Any other clever ffood swaps you've found and would like to share would be welcomed. 


  • Parma ham is absolutely fine as long as you've bought it from somewhere like a shop where it's packaged. It's only abroad where you're not sure if it's been handled away from raw meat that you need to be careful. I've had loads!

    Soft cheeses like Brie and camenbert are fine if heated through if that helps?

    I'm allergic to seafood so haven't tried scallops, but as far as I've read on the Nhs website seafood is fine as long as cooked through. Could be wrong though, not looked into it much.

    Hope that helps!

  • nestypienestypie Posts: 651

    ooh I've just read I can eat cooked goats cheese! I love it and really fancy a nice goats cheese tart! 

    Im a veggie so it's easy for me not eating certain types of meat, and I hardly ever drink so I think declining drink at dinner would be fine for me too Although I do like Buck's Fizz at Xmas, 

    we can all make up for it next Xmas! 

    Thabks for the links monkey image x


  • SLD12SLD12 Posts: 179

    Its the drink I'm going to miss this Christmas! My stepmum is making me a different starter to everyone else but I don't know what the menu is. 

    Like you I am missing pate and rare meat massively, but I haven't found any way to substitute them.

    I do however keep adding things to the list in my head which I will buy when I've had the baby and pig out on! 

  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563

    M&S do a nice pasteurised brie! 


  • I miss rare steak so much! Hubby has bought a steak for tea tonight and I'm substituting with chicken. Boring! If it's not rare, it's not worth itimage

    All for the cause though, 12 weeks to go!

  • Thanks for that Monkey - my midwife said no to parma ham but I may well get some now. I'm a bit neurotic so generally if they say you may want to avoid it, it panics me! Having said that I think the no runny eggs is daft - it's to protect you from salmonella so if you buy lion marked eggs, which are guaranteed not to have salmonella, then you are fine to have them runny! I also think the 'no soft serve (i.e. mr whippy type) ice cream' is a bit silly in some establishments. I may not get one from an ice cream van but seriously, when is the last time you heard of someone getting listeria from a harvester pubs soft serve ice cream sundae?!

    The raw meat / toxoplasmosis one freaks me out though. Hence my following to the letter on cooking meat and my panic on the parma ham front!

    Never knew I could have cooked camembert or goats cheese - that makes my day - thank you so much for that info. Do you think it would be safe to eat the rind of a baked camembert or just the inner bit?

    The not drinking doesn't fuss me, I'm practically tee total anyway (hubby is a wine merchant! I'm wasted on him!) but I am missing rare meat. 

    I know it's all worth it, so desperately wanted this baby; but I was interested to know what other people were treating themselves with instead of the usual christmas foodie treats I'd eat! Thanks for your responses. xx

  • I totally agree on the rare steak - no point in eating steak unless it's rare! 

    I will look out for that pastuerised brie - thanks Hannah

  • SweetJo I know what you are saying with the rare meat and scallops!! We went to our favourite restaurant for our 5 th wedding anniversary earlier this month, I ALWAYS have scallops for starter but there was no way I was asking the chef to cook them through, I also had one option for main (slow roast pork belly - as I won't touch a veggie option!!) which I was slightly disappointed with as I could have murdered the venison, but again no way Well Done.

    I've already told hubby my first meal after baby is born will be a big fat ribeye!!!

    I don't eat soft cheeses anyway so that doesn't bother me, I can still enjoy my Applewood and Gloucester with chive and onion but the thing I will miss most is my homemade quiche!! So much so I am not making it this year, god what I would do for a slice of that soft creamy eggyness and pastry!!

    I am not keen on pate, but maybe make pulled ham hock terrine instead, you could make it soft-ish, enough to ease onto a piece of bread/toast? That way it's something you can in the same manner but cooked well and minus the offal!!

  • Rachael- what an inspired idea of ham hock terrine!  Good thinking batman.

    I amabstaining from scallops at the in laws xmas party- it seems pointless to cook them to rubber!i

  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835

    Just wanted to say that there is no risk free eggs im afraid! Salmonella can occur in any egg so it is best to have them cooked all the way through- sorry! Also they can contain listeria which is another reason they say cook them all the way through- like rare meat i guess.

    I miss rare steak too! Ive already told hubby thatwhen i have little one he will have to cook me a steak to celebrate lol!

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Just wanted to add to MrsB's advice about eggs - it's not just the cooking you need to be careful with. The shells of the egg can also carry dangerous bacteria including salmonella, so always make sure you wash your hands after handling eggs. My sister and I both had salmonella in the 80s when I was 3 and my sister was 8 months old and it's such a horrible illness.

    I'm so missing pate at the moment but my mum is making a fish mousse type thing for Christmas day as a little treat x

  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737

    I really missed my Bucks Fizz and cheeses last Christmas. The only cheese I could have than my mum had bought was Roule and Edam. I was literally salivating at the thought of Port Salut, Goats Cheese and Brie! I've gone all out this Christmas. I was pretty sure half of the restrictions were over cautious, but I followed them. I'd never have forgiven myself if something had happened. 

    The first thing I did when Elin was born that was a no no during pregnancy was make cakes and eat half the mixture!!!

  • That's reason I haven't done any baking since being pregnant, fighting the urge to stick my head in the bowl and lick it clean would be too hard!

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