Due October 2014

Tentatively dipping my toe in here...

We just got a bfp for number 2 and I think my due date is 6th oct. Anyone else got some happy news this week??


Doorstopper - Mary - due 1st Oct

Picklepick  - Laura - Nugget due 6th Oct 

SarahLou - Sarah - due 6th Oct

Lawvee - Vee - due 14th Oct




  • Woopoooooooooo!!!! Biggest smile ever pickle!!

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    Hahahaaaa helloooooo No one's smiling more than me! We seem to have a pattern between us you and I, I'm two months behind you again. I just like to copy you!

  • Lol!! I was thinking would you lo be almost 2 when baby arrives!! Well all being well i want maybe 3 children-just advanced warning!! Im more relaxed this time as i haven't got the time these days but im almost 12 weeks and sure im feeling flutters already!!

  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674

    Not sure when my due date would be - NHS calculator actually says 30th Sept but going to GP on Friday so will see what he thinks. I feel like October should be more likely so going to hang out in here for now image Currently panicking about every single ache and pain I get....

  • BabyBlueBabyBlue Posts: 223

    Hi Ladies,

    Popping in from the Due May thread to say Congratulations!!!

    DS aches and pains are perfectly normal especially for the first few weeks while egglet is getting comfy in there. I havnt stopped being achey since we got our bfp. My midwife told me that some women just have aches and pains all the way through as your uterus and muscle/ligaments stretch to accomodate baby. So don't worry image

    If you need anything just pop by our thread and we'll be happy to help. Heres to a happy and healthy 9 months for you all. xx

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    Hi doorstopper! Congratulations. Is this your first ?

    It's one of those things that no one tells you about, being pregnant can hurt! I've got crampy pains as well and even though I know it's all normal you can't help but worry. I'm also absolutely exhausted,just can't sleep at night then running around after a toddler all day. Really dreading the sickness kicking in! 

  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674

    picklepick - yes, it's my first. Every day feels like a victory at the moment to be honest... Only mild cramping every so often but it scares me! And my boobs are really sore image haha

    I think part of the issue is that we conceived on our first month of trying so it's all been a bit too easy so far!

  • BabyZebedeeBabyZebedee Posts: 2,421

    Congratulations October ladies! I'll be keeping an eye on this thread because so far two of my lovely friends are in here image

  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674

    Hi BabyZ! image

  • Congratulations, can't believe another thread has started it doesn't feel that long since the July one started! heres to happy and healthy 9 months to you all image xx

  • Wow can't believe we are on to an October thread already!!

    Congratulations ladies- wishing you a very happy and healthy 9 months!


  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674

    Morning all! How is everybody today? I went horse riding last night which I was umming and ahhing about for ages and nearly cancelled at the last minute, but really glad I did in the end as it was a proper mood lifter image

    Work are definitely going to guess soon as I'm off the caffeine - blaming it on a post-holiday detox at the moment but that obviously wouldn't last forever... Also it's somebody's leaving do tomorrow, so I'm going to have to be sneaky with the drinks!

    Thought I was feeling a bit queasy this morning but it seems to have disappeared now - sounds weird but I really really want more symptoms as it'll make me feel more as if things are going to plan (whether that's right or not!).

    Hope everyone else is doing well xx

  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835

    just popping over from the March thread to say congratulations! Can't believe there's an October thread!

    Doorstopper- could you have fruit juice (and pretend to add vodka?) or a virgin cocktail so others think you're drinking? 

    Wishing you happy and healthy pregnancies xx

  • just wanted to say a huge congrats to you all image

    DS the symptoms will come, your still early, but i bet some arise over the next week for you image

    wishing you all a happy and healthy 9 month (secretly hoping can join you soon image)

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    Hi DS. Don't worry, the symptoms will come soon enough and then you'll be wishing they'd go away. I'm a firm believer that exercise is good for you whilst pregnant, so carry on riding for as long as you feel comfortable. My friend cycled 10+ miles when she was 40 weeks. I'm really into yoga so I'm continuing with that just not doing any of the twisting or balancing  poses. Really don't want to put on as much weight this tine as I did last time!


    I got round the drinking thing last time by always being the designated driver, or having a lemonade and people assumed it was a mixer. You can also get non-alcoholic bottles of becks which are  surprisingly nice and poured into a glass just looks like normal lager. 


    Sneak some decaf teabags into work and no one will guess! 

  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674

    Haha I'm sure that's true - I just really really want this to happen and need "proof" if you see what I mean! I'm still doing yoga and running as well, so I'm trying to stay as active as possible for as long as I can image

  • i have decaf coffee at work ds and just put it down to caffine in the afternoons playing havoc with sleeping...

    as for the drinking im always the designated driver when in the 2ww and people cant help themselves but to ask but just brush it off and they will leave it be. 

  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674

    I've just had a look at the bar we're going to and it sounds like they do some amazing mocktails so I may be sortedimage

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    How did it go hun? 

    The morning sickness has well and truly kicked in with me today. My mum is coming to make my daughter lunch because I just can't bring myself to do it! 

    Are you seeing GP today? You just have to take a urine sample in and go straight to a midwife at my surgery. It's very odd. 


  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674

    Hey picklepick - presume you were asking about my night out? It's tonight so will let you know image

    I am going to docs today - just booked in an appointment without saying what it was for so may have done it wrong, but I'm sure he won't mind image I wanted to just get some reassurance on a few things from him anyway. The latest worry is waking up with a mild ache just above my hip bone - I'm honestly a nervous wreck about every twinge still! 

    I did a CBD this morning just so I had something to update him on and I am still pregnant, 2-3 weeks from conception (not that I had any reason to expect anything else really haha!). No other symptoms except slightly crampy in my stomach (nothing new or that feels too serious) and occasionally feeling a bit dizzy when I stand up but eating fixes thatimage

    ETA I've just checked my doctor's website and it does just say to make an appointment with the midwife or doctor early in pregnancy, so I haven't messed up too much - hurrah!

  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674

    Also - sorry to hear you're feeling sicky! At least it's a sign that things are progressing image

  • lawveelawvee Posts: 1,378

    Hi girls,

    I'm happy to say I'm joining you girls, although it's still very early days. I'm only about 11 dpo but have had some strong results when poas so I guess I can't argue with that!

    Now I feel like I've come from the ttc thread where all the ladies were incredible and taught me so much to the start of this journey where yet again I know nothing!

    It's all starting to sink in now so I'm very excited but have got a lot yo learn over 9 months! Can you tell its our first?!?

    Ds im like you. We started ttc in December but I came off the pill in October and ny first cycle was 63 days, so even though its not our first month of ttc, it was my first cycle!

  • lawveelawvee Posts: 1,378

    I literally have no idea what to do next! I assume call my gp, but I don't know whether I should do it now or wait until next week. I feel like I should wait a little longer. I wasn't even going to test until next weekend but I cracked early!

    I've heard that your pregnancy will be dated automatically from the first day of your last period and it gets adjusted at your first scan. Is that right? If that's the case, that would mean I would get a really early scan as in fact that would mean I get a whole four weeks added on to my pregnancy because of my super long cycles. I guess thats a good thing if I can get an early scan but not too sure that's how it works?

  • Congratulations Lawvee. I just had my scan based in my period and they asked me to make another appointment. It was good though as it was a bonus scan And they checked to see if everything is OK and date it, but of course it may change. I did tell my midwife I didn't think I was as far along, but she said to just go by LMP and take it from there.

    some practices seem to expect you to go to midwife straight away and others to GP. I would phone and ask at the reception. I think the first appt is about 8-10 weeks.

  • SarahLouSarahLou Posts: 800

    Hi, please can I join! You may remember me off the ttc thread which I have been on for what seems like forever. 

    got my first ever bfp last Sunday and according to ff I'm due 6th oct. It's all still a bit surreal at the moment and I'm still trying to get my head around. Also I'm trying not to get too excited yet as I dont wont to jinx it. I came off the pill at the end of feb 2013 and have had some really weird cycles ranging from 25 days to 56 days. But finally we got there, in a week when oh had a car accident and I was recovering from an operation!! 

    I am yet to make a doctors appointment as I was in the middle of changing doctors anyway due to us moving house last April ( I know I should of done it earlier but there was so many others things to do) and finally got the letter yesterday confirming I'm all registered. So I will ring tomorrow. 

    not having many symptoms apart from sore boobs or rather sore nipples, feeling very tired and strangely not liking certain food that I used to love. ( steak, we have been out twice in the last week and I've had steak both times and both times I haven't finished it)

    looking forward to sharing this exciting time with you all. Xx

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    Hi lawvee and sarahlou!

    Lawvee, they'll prob go off your last period and you'll end up with two scans. 

    Sarahlou we have the same due date! Every GP does it different so tell them when you call that's its  because you got a positive test at home. I have to take a urine sample into mine then I see the midwife. 

    I haven't been on the TTC thread this time round so I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. Weirdly enough though I started it all back in part 1!  Which seems like an absolute lifetime ago!

  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674

    Yay, more October friends! Lawvee I went to the doctors at 5 weeks after my last period and he just weighed me and took blood pressure - would have referred me but I had no idea what hospital I wanted to give birth in yet! Have to decide between one with better (or more) facilities or better staff - think I'm going to go for the better staff one though. 

    My symptoms seem to be changing a bit - the last week I've had different cramps (which the GP has told me are nothing to worry about) and a bit of a dodgy tummy which I think must be related. Plus I almost burst into tears cooking the dinner last night, because hubby was being really nice and making me a mocktail because I missed wine. :/

  • lawveelawvee Posts: 1,378

    Hi everyone! 

    SarahLou you said I'd be joining you here!

    I'm really excited but having slight cramps which are scaring me even though I know they're normal!

    Glad to hear I should get a bonus scan. That should put my mind at restimage

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    I can't decide what hospital either DS. I'll be considered high risk this time because I had an emergency section and we were both really poorly and in hospital for a week after last time. But because of that I have bad memories of the nearest hospital to us and I might even request a hospital in a different trust. I think I'll go for elective section as well. So much to think about! 

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141

    Do you guys wanna send me your real names and due dates and I'll edit my first post with details. 

    I had a nickname for Gracie last time, she was Peanut. This one is called Nugget! 

    I'm Laura by the way xx 

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