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HI Ladies.

as we have been graced with some new ttcers this thread i thought it maybe useful for a little background on each other so we can give each other the right support.

My thoughts we we could all post a little bio about ourselves and if we then return to that post and edit the info as we go along we could build a little directory of information for both us and any new ttcers.

hoping you ladies feel this will be helpful.


  • Buttonmoons Story.

    How old are you? : 25

    How old is your husband/partner? ; 25

    When did you start TTC: October 2013

    Were you on Contraception? (Which, how long) : Yes, Microgynon then Loestrin 20. 10 years.

    Your TTC Jouney;

    Came off the pill end of October 2013 following our wedding.

    Decided not to monitor anything but CM for the first cycle as was just waiting to see what my body did and ttc was more on the backburner until we figured me out.

    I ended up with a 31 day cycle. with suspected ov around CD 16 - 19 based on cm alone. AF arrived after 31 days. so the TTC kicked up a gear

    Throughout our second cycle we dtd EOD from the end of af. I temped this cycle and drove my self nuts pre empting my body. I confirmed ov with temp rise and ew and pelvic pain on CD25. i continued to temp sporadically after that but had  a dip below coverline at cd33. We hpt on cd34/9dpo after another rise in temp and had a very faint positive.

    stopped temping... sadly didnt stop poas. was blissfully pregnant for around a week then after a negative cb digi on nyd but faint positive frer followed by a 1-2 week (no progress from first digi a week ago)... had severe cramping and bleeding the following saturday, had this again on sunday and passed the sac sunday afternoon. scans and bt on the following tuesday confirmed completed mc.

    took us a few weeks to get out heads round the idea of ttc again but here we are,

    this cycle i havent temped but have monitored cm and dtd eod. i have had fertile cm for the past 4 days so temped this morning and with a reading of 36.6 i am pretty certain ovulation has occured

    took a few more temps following suspected ov and saw a dip in temp at 8dpo and another rise at 9 and 10 dpo

    had internal spotting at 10dpo which panicked me into testing early despite my earlier claims and obtained our 2nd bfp at 11 dpo.



    all appears well with this little button, currently sitting pretty (but whalelike) at 26 + 3 weeks. All measuring well and HB strong.

    a little bit about this pregnancy

    after finding out on 06.02.2014 that we were pregnant, my none existant symptoms turned into ravenous hunger and terrible trapped wind upto around week 8, Rennie deflatine kept me sane as i thought on more than one occasion it was all ending again.

    at around weeks 9 - 11 - spontaneous sickness commenced. its hardly worth writing home about as it was that sporadic but it tended to be after eating in the evenings and more like i just had to take the top off a full stomach than full on morning sickness. I was blessed it never got any worse.

    12 - 15 - hardly anything at all symptom wise aside from increased weeing and restless nights due to funky dreams.

    15 - 20 - small spots of spontranous sickness and continued weeing but generally well. Feeling of not being pregnant was the most regular feeling along with worry of course. 

    20 - 26 weeks -  again patches of nausea and tiredness. bulging midriff and the dreaded pregnancy acne (on the back of my neck of all places) and increased body hair, which is becoming harder and harder to manage, back ache has commenced and breathlessness is gradually sneaking up on me. BUT All in all feeling fabulous and enjoying pregnancy as a whole.


    16 - 21 weeks - slight scratchy feelings in stomach that sometimes changed to the feeling of dragging fingers over glass. 3 small pop sensations which occured whilst driving on 3 seperate occasions so i am skeptical these werent wind related.

    21 + - first kick image, hubby felt the following day and have increased ever since. its a fantastic feeling image




  • BabyZebedeeBabyZebedee Posts: 2,421

    Good plan Button, just a story and no followup comments I guess?

    So here's mine, I'm 37 hubby is 49 - married 2012, started TTC in Feb 2013 (after being adamant I didn't want kids for 36 years something changed overnight).

    Came off the pill (microgynon) after 20 years, had 8 cycles of varying length since then (32 to 52 days), had blood tests that show I'm ovulating, swabs show no infections, ultrasound showed thin lining for time of cycle but no signs of PCOS or other issues. Hubby's SA is all fine so we are just going with the flow now because charting taught me only so muc but doesn't allow me to control anything. I also have mittelschmerz so bad I know the precise 30 minutes in which I ov.

    Oh, and I want 2 babies please - twins are acceptableimage

  • yes thats correct baby z to keep info on each other together, so yeas please just edit your oiginal post with any updated new ttc can hopefully contact others in the same boat and to help us all know each other a little better.

  • lawveelawvee Posts: 1,378

    Button this is a great idea! Thank you x

    So I am 32, and hubby is also 32.

    We got married in August 2008.

    I was on Microgynon for about 12 years, followed by a brief break in late 2008, back on Microgynon and then switched to Cerazette in January 2013 due to migraines.

    I was made redundant in early 2009 which was why I went back on Microgynon and decided to retrain as a solicitor. As the end of my training was coming up at the beginning of December 2013, I stopped taking Cerazette at the beginning of October 2013 to try and get my body back to normal before ttc in the new year.

    I had no bleed whatsoever until 8th December 2013 so 63 days after stopping the pill. I think I probably did ovulate at some stage as I do recall at some point during those 63 days having really sore boobs, but I was not tracking anything at that stage and can't remember when exactly that was.

    Hubby and I decided to start ttc in December 2013, mainly because of how long my cycle was, we thought we should start sooner rather than later(!), and I am currently 53 days into cycle number 2 since being off the pill. I have tried using opk's but the only one I have had any luck with is the clear blue one which shows the four days of potential fertility; the cheap ones for me never showed anything! I also started temping around cd 42 which was a godsend as my worry was that I wasn't ov'ing but now that clarified to me when I did ov at cd46 so that was one worry gone.

    I am going to start taking agnus castus at the start of my next cycle as I have read it can reduce cycles although we'll have to wait and see.

    When I was only using opk's and checking cm I originally thought I ov'd at cd 27 and in the few days following that I had every symptom going and poas a million times. It made me laugh when I looked back at it and realised that all these symptoms I was having were completely in my head as I hadn't even ov'd at that stage!

    I am starting to understand my body a bit better which I am really pleased about and FF is really helping me to keep track of it all. I'm hoping now I can reduce my cycles as my worry now is that I have only half of the normal chance as based on what is happening currently I will only ov about 6 times a year, rather than 12.

    I would love 3 kids athough hubby is adamant there will be no more than 2!

    I count my lucky stars every day that I have the most wonderful husband but a baby now would just be really special and make everything a bit more complete (well along with our dog, our current baby!) x


  • RedVelvetRedVelvet Posts: 1,297 New bride

    Good idea image

    I'm 22, hubby is 31. We got married November 2013, but started ttc end of August/start of September 2013. I was on Microgynon for a bit  short of than 4 years. Came off it the August and went straight into 27 day cycles, but have gone as low as 25 days, and up to 31. I've done no charting at all, I get cramps telling me when I ovulate, confirmed by AF showing up 13 days later. 

    Hubby suffers from delayed ejaculation, so until now we've had a single cycle where  we had a chance of conceiving, and during that cycle I had all pregnancy symptoms there is bar sore boobs, including nausea and what I thought was implantation spottin.  That did, however turn out to be the 25 day cycle. It's a problem he's always had, but we never really paid it much attention before ttc (because it's not necessarily a bad thing that he can keep at it for longer *wink wink*). 

    We have just been referred for (self funded) IUI, but when hubby called up Monday they hadn't received our referral yet. While I'm excited to get the ball rolling, it's a bit a case of "this isn't how it should happen". I had honestly thought I would be pregnant by now, and whenever anyone keeps pestering us about having children I really wish I could slap them. As everyone else I have good days, where I'm thinking that it will happen and I just need to enjoy the perks of not being pregnant/having children, and bad days where I feel like breaking down. I've wanted children for as long as I can remember. I can remember one episode about a month into my relationship with hubby after unprotected sex, I did a hpt and was disappointed at the bfn. That was at 18 after being in a long distance relationship with now hubby for a month.  We've had to wait because of me being in uni and then the wedding, so I've felt ready to be a mum for about 2 years already. 

    I want minimum 2 kids, as I grew up as an only child and always wished for siblings, and hubby has 2 brothers he's close to, so he agrees in minimum 2. I also wouldn't mind twins, at least if we're going to have to pay for fertility treatment ourselves each time!

  • a wee bit about me im 27 and a mental health nurse hubby is 31and self employed..  got marrried august 2013 and came off the pill in September 2013 after 10 years on microgynon. had 31 day cycles and this month thought I was getting implantation spotting but nope af was a 25day cycle. iv been using opk this month but they keep appearing negative with only 1 strong one. have went and bought clear blue ones to see how I get on with them. started temping aswell to check im ovulating. would love 2 kids and hubby says that's the most aswell. 

  • MISSFMISSF Posts: 123

    Hello image I'm 25 hubby's 29 and we got married in May.

    i was on microgrynon for about 7 years. I came off the pill in August 2012 fell pregnant in November but unfortunately mc at 8 weeks image from feb until may 2012 we used the method of not trying/not preventing although we dtd much as I was petrified of mc'ing near our wedding. Since may we have been trying harder but not temped (did try opk but didn't understand them!) 

    due to my irregular cycles I went to the doctors where I had various tests done which were all fine and show I ovulate later due to longer cycles (around day20) 

    iv just got a promotion at work so was going to try and relax for a few months About ttcing...much easier said than done!! We would like 2 children and hubbys says twins would be perfect!!xx

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    So this is me:  I'm 33 and hubby is 40.  We got married in April but have actually been TTC for over 2 years.  I went to see my GP after 1 year of TTC, and after a couple of blood tests (GP couldn't be sure I was ovulating) we were referred to the fertility clinic.  I was given an internal ultrasound, HSG and had more bloodwork done- results actually showed I have quite good fertility for my age and I probably am ovulating!  Hubby's results meanwhile weren't so good... several sperm analyses showed he had low count, motlity and morphology- we were told there and then that ICSI would likely be our only hope.  We were devastated.  Hubby was then subjected to lots of blood tests and a testicular examination/ x-ray: we discovered he had several varicoceles which could possibly be causing/ one of the causes of the infertility.  The consultant was very straight with us and said hubby could have an embolisation procedure but there was only a tiny chance we would see any significant improvement, but we decided it was worth a try and hubby had the op in June I think?!  Two samples and some months later there has actually been a massive improvement!  Just to give you an idea, the count before was 1-2 million and is now just borderline normal- the consultant actually said it was 'like a small miracle'!  The consultant is still recommending IVF, largely because we've been trying for so long and we're not getting any younger- chances of IVF success are much greater for those under 35 and I'm 34 in a couple of weeks! The quality of hubby's sample on the day will determine whether it's regular IVF or ICSI.  However... before we can have it (at the moment we get one round + any frozen blastocysts where we live) I need to lose weight: each Trust imposes their own eligibility criteria and one of those is a healthy BMI.  So that's where we are at the moment... I'm on a mission to lose 3.5 stones so we're in a position to have IVF by the end of the year, whilst still secretly hoping we get our much longed-for BFP before then, the natural way  image 

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    I am the dinosaur here! image

    I am 44 and my h2b is 47. We are getting married in June 2014 and we are both self employed.

    My h2b has 2 grown up kids from his first marriage.

    I was with a partner in my 30's and tried to conceive then to no avail. PCOS was suspected but never proven. I had blood tests, ultrasounds etc, bits cut of my womb lining and nothing was found.

    My ex partner and I split up and I met someone else and came off the pill, Cerazette and within 3 months my cycles were regular 28/29 days and 3 months after that, I got pregnant but sadly miscarried just short of 6 weeks. The whole process was very stressful and also played a big part in that relationship breaking down ( he was also a major bell end but that's another story!)

    I came off Cerazette again in April 2013 and we have been ttc naturally since. Only had 1 regular 28 cycle since that time. I didn't have af at all in July, have had longer cycles and weird bleeding at cd17 so looks like my hormones are all over the shop at the moment.

    I tried acupuncture the time before which was successful in part but this time, it's not proved to be the case.

    We are aware that this is very much last chance saloon for me for at least we are having a go so each cycle trying is very precious time wise for us both (less than a 3% chance of conception each month) but I've done it once over the age of 40 and I am convinced we can do it again!


  • Mrs D 2 BMrs D 2 B Posts: 282

    hey, this is me

    How old are you? : 31

    How old is your husband/partner? ; 36

    When did you start TTC: October 2013

    Were you on Contraception? (Which, how long) : Yes, cerazette, since I was 16.

    Your TTC Jouney;

    Got married in september and came off the pill when we got back from honeymoon in October. AF didn't arrive until after 53 days, then 26 day cycle then a 27 so hopefully getting back to normal. Not temping or using opks at all. Sort of looking out for cm but not really going to much effort. As far as hubby is concerned we are not really trying, just seeing what happens, but he really wants kids so I think this is his way of taking the pressure off! Think I'm going to give it a couple more cycles then tell him we really need to start doing this properly rather than just playing at it! dtd every other day is never going to happen so really could do with trying to time it right!

    id like a girl and a boy and wouldn't mind if they were twins! Not much to ask for!

    This is a really good idea button xx


  • How old are you? : 33

    How old is your husband/partner? ; 34

    When did you start TTC: Sept 2011

    Were you on Contraception? (Which, how long) : Yes, microgynon since I was 16 (originally put on it due to heavy af)

    Your TTC Jouney;

    Had nearly 11 months of irregular cycles anything from 30-100+ days. Went to gp and had blood tests which didn't show anything wrong.  Was referred to fertility had an ultrasound which showed possible pco. appt was going to take six months so we went to see someone privately in oct 2012. I had just started taking agnus castus to regulate cycle and dr prescribed clomid for when af appeared. Left feeling really excited but before af appeared I got smear results which were abnormal so was told to not take clomid until that had been sorted. So was gutted it felt like one step forward and one back! A few days later I got my bfp! Had no problems and went to hospital for a check on cervix at 10 weeks which all looked fine. Few days later I went for my first scan only to find I'd had mmc at 5/6 weeks. This all happened the week before Xmas. It took until feb for me to show a bfn and we could ttc again. Had 6 rounds of clomid which helped me ov regularly but no luck. So since nov I've been back on AC. Hubby had sa and I've had hsg which have both been fine. We are on ivf waiting list and should get to the top in autumn. In the meantime we have another private appt next month and may do a private round of ivf soon.

    And that's about me done image 

  • FunkyBride2BFunkyBride2B Posts: 1,186 New bride

    Hey, so this is me :

    Im 30 and hubby is 27 (toyboy lol) and we got married in August 2012. Was on Yasmin pill for 4 years (which I have since read lots of horror stories about) until we started TTC in September 2012. I've had fairly irregular cycles ever since ranging from 39-50 days, and I think I gear up for ovulation a week before I actually ovulate which really confuses things when using opks, I only really know this from ladies on here and the fact I had a positive opk on the day I went for a scan and they told me there was no dominant follicle on day 14 when typically there should have been.

    We've had 2 BFPs - one in June 2013 which ended up being a Chemical Pregnancy, and one on Christmas Day, but 2 weeks ago I mc at 6 and a half weeks. Really want to get back on to TTC ASAP, but have no idea where my cycles are at at this stage.

    We've found this journey really difficult and there have been lots of tears, but on the plus side me and hubby are so much closer as we've pulled through it together.

    Hubby only wants one baby but I'm from a big family and would like loads! But I would be happy to be blessed with any image

  • *waves*

    both hubby and I are 29

    Met June 2008 and got married in Crete in August 2013, came home and bought a house!

    came off the pill,after being on it for 9 years on dec 31st and still waiting for first cycle!

     We are going to start trying start of  April and hoping to conceive fairly quickly. Currently taking ttc vitamins and losing weight working out to get in tip top condition 

    we hope to have 2 children boy then a girl hopefully but  all we want is healthy children

    weve even had our childrens names picked out for years!

  • Jennie108Jennie108 Posts: 283

    Great idea Button

    How old are you? : 30

    How old is your husband/partner? ; 33

    When did you start TTC: September 2013

    Were you on Contraception? (Which, how long) : Yes, Depo for around 7 years with a bit of a gap after 4 years. I then went onto Cerazette in January 2013 which I stopped the following September.

    Your TTC Jouney;

    So we've been ttc for around 5 months now. We started off quite well but that soon trickled off.  We've never been a couple that dtd much but then work well and truly took over and we just became a couple that almost never did it.

    We would talk about it every few months, put the effort in and then be back at square one.

    Because of this I started to use opks in December to try and take advantage of my fertile time but I didn't get a single positive so they've gone to the back of the cupboard now before I wind myself up.

    OH went to see his gp about dtd issues and that went really well. He's had bloods taken to check testosterone levels and has to provide a semen sample for analysis.

    He's also realised we need to simply dtd a lot more to at least give us a chance....he's even marked my potential fertile time on his calendar image

    Growing up I've never really dreamt of having children, I'm not broody or maternal which worries me slightly lol, but since meeting my husband has made me realise how much I actually do want to have children!

    Still early days here image


  • Fantastic idea!


    im 26 and my hubby is 30, we got married in oct 13 and started ttc straight away. But we then found out that medication I was on could affect our ability to get pregnant, so I stopped that in dec and jan was our first proper month ttc

    i was on a few different pills between the ages of 19 and 24 but then decided that the artificial hormones really didn't agree with me so we were just using condoms for the 18 months before we got married, both of us couldn't wait to finally stop using them! They are such a passion killer!

    we wanted to wait till after we got married cos then I would have also been in my job for a year so would be entitled to all the maternity benefits... So important! 

    like many of you I haven't been telling hubby when I'm ovulating as I don't want to pressurise him, but I think he can guess cos I'm never too tired then! 

    I am a bit worried about the whole thing, I know it's unlikely that we should have any problems, but I wasn't always the best at taking my pill, and I have never been pregnant before. It's just this doubt I have at the back of my mind. But my cycles have always been regular, and I have very noticeable pmt every month so my hormones are working fine! and I have no other indications of fertility problems.

    i am also a massive control freak and find it so hard to plan when everything is so unknown cos 'I might be pregnant' I feel like I'm in limbo and my whole life is on hold! I don't like it!!


  • Great idea, nice to hear about all your stories even though some have been tough.

    About me-

    I'm 30, hubby is 31. We married in September 2013 and I stopped taking the pill on NYE so still very early days!! Had been on Femodene for a whopping 15 years image

    Am currently on CD26 of my first cycle off pill, think I may have ov'd around CD20 based on cervix etc but cheapie ov sticks showed nada so who knows!

    Like some of you, my hubby is taking a 'lets see what happens' attitude ... ahh, if only I could be that relaxed!! I would like 3 children, hubby wants 2 but is open for negotiation image 

  • Great idea, sorry for delay.

    Im 28 and hubby is 38, we got married in December 2013, I came off femodene in sept 2013 which I had been on for 5 years, although since 2001 I have pretty much been on every brand of combined pill. We took precautions between September and the wedding and then last cycle we just had fun.

    This is our first cycle TTC, I really want a baby...hubby isn't really fussed, he thinks we have a nice life at the moment, but is not opposed to a baby(just much more relaxed about it).

  • Hi girls, nice to meet you. 

    My age: 31

    Hubby's age: 32

    TTC since June 2013

    Contraception: 10 years on the combined pill, mainly Tri-minulet. Then mirena iud for 3 years.

    Our story: Started TTC after hubby gave the green light in June, I've never been that maternal but I think maybe that was a front cos we were never 100% sure we'd even try. He has an 8 year old girl and wasn't sure he wanted another which was always fine with me.

     Now my head has gone to mush and it's all I can think of, i'm a worrier anyways but hubby could not be more laid back!

    Changed to using conceive plus after 3 months and did get a BFP in Nov but mc at 5 1/2 weeks.

    Anyways were onto month 8 of this rollercoaster.....

    fingers crossed to you all x




  • MrsF2B24MrsF2B24 Posts: 231

    Hi everyone! Here's my story...

    I'm 24, h2b is 27. We get married in 12 weeks image We've just started TTC at the end of January..well we're not trying but not preventing either. I've been on various contraception including combined pill, mini pill, depo, implant.

    I was on the combined pill for a few years from about 15, I was also on the injection for a few years which was fine too. I stopped that to give my body a break and went back on the pill. I got taken off the combined pill due to migraines and tried the mini pill...unfortunately I had constant spotting/dark discharge (sorry tmi) so I tried the implant and had the same. I ended up going back on the injection in 2012 but had the same on that too. Had my last injection in September 2012 and decided to come off everything to give my body a break and try to get my cycles back to normal for TTC this year. Unfortunately it had other ideas and the constant spotting, and sometimes constant bleeding, continued. I visited the doctors after about a month of constant spotting and was given some pills to take - they stopped the bleeding and I had a withdrawal bleed but next time af arrived it never went away again. This went on for a few months and then my doctor referred me for a scan.

    I had an ultrasound and internal scan done as he thought I may have fibroids. Everything came back clear - no fibroids, no cysts on my ovaries or anything. So, I went back to a different doctor about a month ago (which is when we stopped using condoms) and she took my bloods; all clear too. She's also taken swabs and a urine sample to check for any infections and has referred me to the gynaecologist. I had swabs done last week so if I don't hear from her this week then everything should be clear and I'm just to wait for my gynae appointment.

    I've currently been bleeding like a normal period with a few light days in between for about 3 weeks now and doubt it will stop unless I take pills again.

    The doctor said she doubts I am ovulating as my bleeding has no pattern to it so can't pin point an actual period. So, after this we decided to just continue not trying and not preventing and see where we go. If we don't fall before my gynae appointment then hopefully we will get some answers then but until then, we don't know anything for sure.

    I have absolutely no idea about my cycles etc as I'm bleeding all the time so no way of telling which day I'm on. It's quite frustrating but I'm trying not to get too stressed about it. In all honesty though, getting pregnant is one of those things that I think doesn't happen to people like me because I have such bad luck!

    Fingers crossed to everyone else and I look forward to speaking to you all image

  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    I have only just found this thread!  What a great idea image

    How old are you? : 34

    How old is your husband? ; 35

    When did you start TTC: July/Aug 2013

    Were you on Contraception? (Which, how long) : Yes, various different pills for about 20 or so years from Microgynon, Cerazette, Femodine and Minulet, had too keep changing due to problems I had with all of them, namely severe headaches and sickness 

    Your TTC Jouney;

    We married in November 2012 and I came off the pill in Feb 2013, we were not actively trying but we werent preventing either, we only started seriously TTC in July/August 2013 on our honeymoon.

    I didnt monitor anything at first but after a couple of months I invested in OPKs and didnt get a positive until November 2013, we had a rocky December with my husband being really ill so we stopped TTC at this time, after some relaxation time over xmas and new year we decided to try again and I started getting strong OPKs image

    We would love 2 babies but I would be happy with 1!  

    Fingers crossed for you all on your journey x 

  • How old are you? : 30

    How old is your husband/partner? ; 31

    When did you start TTC: End August 2013

    Were you on Contraception? (Which, how long) : Yes, had the implant and had this out on 20/08, have been on pill then injection then implant since I was 16 so had no idea what my normal cycle would be

    Your TTC Jouney;

    Had the injection out, closely followed by literally every pregnancy symptom (think this must be all the hormones being released)  which got me straight on the crazy wagon of TTC!

    Had 2 periods and then got my bfp on December 22nd.  Had a private scan on 19/01 just to check all ok, they advised all seemed ok but wasnt as far gone as I thought and heartbeat a little slow.  had another scan a week later and they confirmed that the baby had died.  I then had the vacuum surgery the Wed after to remove everything - I should have been 10 weeks and the baby only measured 5.5 weeks so it was a mmc. 

    Back straight into trying again now and this is still my first cycle since the mmc.  Fingers crossed! x

  • ButtonmoonButtonmoon Posts: 924

    hi ladies,


    ive just updated my post with some of my pregnancy details, thought this may be useful for the next batch of bfpers image

    feel free to do the same image

  • blenkibooblenkiboo Posts: 761

    I'll add my story

    How old are you? : 31

    How old is your husband? ; 32

    When did you start TTC: July 2011

    Were you on Contraception? (Which, how long) have had various pills since age of 16, but was on cerrazette for approx 5 years before TTC

    Your TTC journey:

    At first just decided to see what happened, didn't get first period until October 2011 after stopping pill in the July.

    Then we spent a year trying various things, dtd every other day, trying to pinpoint ov, temping, using ov sticks, going back to just seeing what happens to try and relax. My cycles were erratic, between 30 and 55 days long. After a year went to GP and he referred me for bloods and an pelvic scan – these came back fine, Hubby had an SA at the same time which came back good but could be better (according to his GP). Left it a few of months before going back and this time he referred me to hospital for fertility treatment. Had bloods and internal scan at hospital, hubby had SA repeated and then we had appointment with nurse who told us hubby’s SA had come back less that 1% normal and therefore we needed icsi ivf treatment (GP had completely misread the first lot of results!). By this time it was Autumn 2013 (a year after those initial GP tests). Was able to start requesting treatment from Jan 2014 and finally we were accepted in March. The cycle took 6 weeks and was pretty much straight forward until day of egg collection, when the anaesthetist decided due to a pre-existing medical condition he wasn’t happy to carry out the procedure under normal circumstances. We had to risk losing all of our matured eggs by waiting until the end of the day for the collection, which was originally planned for 9am, so that they could prepare a full surgical theatre. Anyway, luck was on our side and we got 14 eggs that all fertilised. We had a day 5 embryo transfer, with 4 being frozen for future use and found out 3 weeks later it was a success! Unbelievable. Had a routine scan at 8w+5 to check that the pregnancy was viable, and was so amazing to see a little heart beating away. Currently 15 weeks, and just coming out of the tired, feeling a bit rubbish stage and starting to think about what we need to buy etc. Haven’t allowed myself to get too excited all this time, but now finally feel like its actually happening and I can’t believe how happy we are and how lucky we have been. 


  • MrsC2014MrsC2014 Posts: 822

    I missed this thread!

    How old are you? : 33

    How old is your husband? ; 33

    When did you start TTC: January 2014

    Were you on Contraception? (Which, how long) I was on Microgynon until last September so 14 years in total.

    Your TTC journey:

    My hubby and I met at school and he's been one of my best friends for years. It took us 16 years to get together though..sometimes you don't see what's right under your nose!

    We got together in April 2012 and married in June 2014. I stopped taking the pill in Sept 2014  in order to get my cycles back as they had stopped completely earlier last year. Cycles ranged from 26-30 days with most being standard 28-29.

    My TTC although I felt it was stressful at the time was relatively straightforward. I used OPK's which seemed to suggest I ovulated around day 13-14 and I temped for a cycle which confirmed this.

    Month 5 arrived and I started to obsess over how long it was taking so we took a month off and just used the EOD method and after coming back from holiday we got our BFP! Perfect timing as it came a few days after the hubby's bday and a few days before our 1st anniversary.

    Currently 10 weeks tomorrow and 7 week scan showed all was ok so far.

    EDD 12th Feb.


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