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Ivf injections when out and about advice

We are due to start treatment in two weeks, I have a hen do and a wedding coming up and jut wondering if anyone has advice about doing injections when away from home? Don't want to bother the nurses with silly questions like that but obviously need to let people know if we aren't going to be able to attend! 

So my questions are can you take the medication out with you and do the injection whilst out and about? 

Would it matter if the down reg injection is taken a couple of hours later? (burserelin)


anybody got got any advice or willing to share their experience? 




  • I just wrote a long reply and it didn't post!! In short I've just started taking supercur and gonal f this week for iui. I was told to take them at the same time of day within half an hour. Would you have a hotel room or car where you could store them and then nip out and inject? I'm out tmrw night so I've made sure that I take them at 7.30 normally and tmrw ill just take them around 7. Someone with a bit more experience might have a better answer!

    Good luck!

  • blenkibooblenkiboo Posts: 761

    Hello I did read your reply and rembered I forgot to say thanks! I started my injections a week ago and so far so good. I decided to change my plans slighty to fit in with the injections as obviously this is more important. 

    I have to say the hotel was rude and not helpful when I rang about a fridge in my room! I bought a travel cool pack designed for diabetics and that keeps things cool for up to 45 hours and can be refreshed in cold water so very useful. I've tested it and it's still cold 36 hours after setting up! 

    hope things have gone well for you  x

  • floweroct10floweroct10 Posts: 767

    Glad the injections are going well, good thinking with the cool bag! I got my bfp this week, I hope things work for you x

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