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Due September 2014 _ Part 2

Here's to a healthy second trimester ladies!


Just a quick overview of who is on the board. Please let me know if your EDD has changed since your scan date.



Mrs S - Tash -EDD 23rd Aug - Team Cream

Happy Bunny 2 - EDD 28th Aug - Team Cream

Wannabe - Elaine - EDD 29th Aug- Team Cream

Teachers Pet - Dom - EDD 31st Aug  - Baby Boy!!


LulabellH - EDD 4th Sept - Team Cream

Jolly26 - Holly - EDD 5th Sep - Team Cream

Twins - EDD 21st Sep - I will be finding out



  • Tp my edd is currently 23rd august xx

  • Hi Tp can you add me...Holly, EDD  5th Sept, not sure yet! Good luck today pmac x

  • Hey tp my edd is 21st of sept and I will definitely be finding out. X

  • TeachersPetTeachersPet Posts: 1,009

    Ok made the updates I think that's correct. Guy I share an office with is staring at my boobs today.. I keep catching him lol

  • Thanks for starting a new thread TP! Can't believe we had 51 pages already!!

    My due date is now 29th Aug.

    Hope everything goes well today pmac. Will be thinkning of you.

    I have series linked One Born too think i'm going to get hubby to watch it to prepare him a little!!

    I had a lovely weekend as my best friend who now lives in Oz flew over as a surprise for her mum's 50th so going to see her tonight and see if i can take a few cheeky days annual leave next week to spend with her and her fiance.


  • TeachersPetTeachersPet Posts: 1,009

    Ahh wow that's nice wannabe! Shame your not that little bit further along so she can see your bump image

  • I hope every thing was ok pmac? 

    Aw wannabe that sounds lovely!! Definitely take al and spend time with them!! 


  • pmacpmac Posts: 44

    Scan went well baby very active couldn't find a reason for the bleeding but bubba is ok so that's the main thing xx

  • lawveelawvee Posts: 1,378

    Phew pmac! I think we've all been waiting for news with baited breath. So glad to hear all is well and bubba is nice and active. You must be relieved x

  • Thank goodness!!! So relieved for you!!!  Xxx

  • Glad to hear your news, PMac. The same thing happened to me at 8weeks and they thought it was my cervix. There was no sign on the scan. 

    My EDD is 28 Aug.

  • TeachersPetTeachersPet Posts: 1,009

    haha looks like in theory most of us belong on the August thread but i'm happy here, I spy on the august and the October thread anyway so i'm happy to stay put and be a September baby as lets face it, first time prob going to be late. 

  • I'm hoping to cross my legs until September so that jr isn't there youngest of the year! I'm July and I soo wasn't ready for school at just 4 years old! 


  • So glad to hear this pmac. Bet you feel so much better.

    One born every minute tonight ladies woohoo

    i had the flu jab today have any of you ladies had it?x

  • I thought one born every minute was tomorrow? In Scotland the cut off is February for school, so there won't be an issue for us.

  • pmacpmac Posts: 44

    Twins I had mine on Friday my arm was so sore after. X

  • TeachersPetTeachersPet Posts: 1,009

    I am contemplating getting one as feel like I'm always ill!!! 

    put lasagne on for dinner, hubby still working away in living room so I'm hidden in bedroom!

    having a rant at sky too, our offer ended and they bumped us up to £120 a month and when I'm saying if you can re match our offer we will stay they are saying they can only go to £82 but we were paying £65! He said "i understand how you feel let down" I said "probably not, you get free sky" lol

  • Exactly Mrs S the timing of our births will have such a massive impact on our childrens school life. Imagine being a whole yr bigger then all the other kids! So relieved for you pmac! Just got in from a knackering day on the farm, collapsed on the sofa and hubbys gone out to get a chinese yum! Then ready for One Born yay!! xxx

  • Can I join too ladies? My provisional due date is 13th. I have my 12 week scan on 5th March x

  • Hi dolly. Welcome.

    i am losing the plot!  One born is tonight! Lucky I have recorded it.

  • Welcome dolly!!! 

    Im making hubby watch it image Xx

  • TeachersPetTeachersPet Posts: 1,009

    Yay another person!!!!! Welcome! 

    Made hubby watch obem and he got quite emotional once he passed the initial gross out stage! Lol

  • Aw that's sweet! All I got was erghhhhh!!! Why would you want to do that?? Gross look it's all purple!!! so glad my mum will be there too haha xx

  • Yay more lovely September Mummies - welcome Dolly!

    I was out last night so missed OBEM but have it on series link so will watch it when i'm home tonight. Going to a mothercare event tonight. I want to get some more info and advice on breastfeeding. Hubby is away with work so my mum is coming with me.

    I am going to try and get hubby to watch one born but knowing him he will say that he would rather see/experience it for the first time when we are doing it ourselves. Although i think it would be better if he had an idea what was coming image

    My belly is huge today. Normally its quite small in the morning and grows during the day but its massive!!

  • You'll have to let us know how is goes at mother care, we've been invited to one but I'm a bit sceptical that it will just be to try and sell stuff!! 

    Aw yey babies are starting to show!!!! We will have to do some photos in the next few weeks! Xx

  • TeachersPetTeachersPet Posts: 1,009

    I have my john lewis apt this weekend image turns out I have 2 people who's sisters work for waitrose or JL so I can get 25% image

  • OMG ladies!!!!! I think I may be insane but I'm 90% sure I just felt jr move!!!!!!!!! It felt like a flick but on the inside!?!?  Xx

  • Well it might be as they say it can happen around 15 weeks! How exciting!!!

    I'm so jealous i can't wait to feel lumpy kick image, although don't think i'll be saying that once i am being bruised from the inside with constant kicks!

  • TeachersPetTeachersPet Posts: 1,009

    oooooh exciting!!!! It must be so weird when it starts happening all the time.

  • Welcome dolly it's nice to get a new lady on here. 

    Wannabe how was mothercare?

    Well im not feeling well today i dont know if its the flu jab or what but me and hubby went to homebase to pick up some paint and i fainted image so so embarrassing. I felt fine once i had come around but no idea what happened. Doctors was closed so im thinking il txt the midwife tomorrow just to let you know or do you think theres no point? 

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