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How long after coming of the pill?

Hello. I came off the pill last July and havnt been using any protection with my husband since. Does anyone have any ideas or advice on conceiving and is this normal for your body getting used to coming off the pill to not get pregnant? I was on it since my teenage years for period pain and was 24 when I stopped. My periods have been regular since coming off until feb when I only bled a couple of days rather than the week I usually do. has any one got advice? Thanks image 


  • ButtonmoonButtonmoon Posts: 924

    its very much a 'how long is a piece of string' thing. everybody is different. for example i was on it for 10 years. came off in october. conieved on my second cycle. sadly mc but have concieved again on my third, whereas there are ladies here who have also come off the pill after a lengthy time and are still awaiting their elusive bfp months later there is really no rhyme or reason behind anyones fertility experience.

    there are ways to aid conception chances but as mentioned there is no guarentee,

    Temping is the best way to calculate when you ovulate and then will help you moving forward to ensure dtd is timed correctly. you simply take you temprature upon waking and record it. most people here use Fertility Friend or something silimar available on most phones.

    you are looking for a pattern, which willbecome apparent retrospecivly so you have to have some patience but we all understand this is difficult. but essentially you want to see a temprature rise halfway through your cycle. this is different for everyone (hence why temping can assist). your temprature should then stay elevated (your app will pinpoint ov after 3 consistent high temps). it can then go only one of two ways.

    either your temp remains elevated (with a possible implantation dip around7/8 dpo) when it will then increase again and fingers crossed result in a bfp

    or it will remain elevated before dropping just before af arrives.

    there are ladies here that use opk's. personally i dont like them and find they often cause more stress then benefit. but its personal choice but can be quiet costly and stressful with little reward in my opinion.

    essentially if you have a regular cycle (and bare in mind by regular i mean to you... 28 day cycles are often just as elusive as bfps) once you have temped a cycle you should hopefully see a pattern and be able to calculate going forward when best to time dtd

    you can team either method with mucas and cervix monitoring in which you note changes in consistancy and position to help confirm ovulation. obv we all look for egg white cm and high and soft which hopefully will team up with either a temp shift or a positive opk if your a lucky one where they work for you.

    most ladies here including myself would recommend dtd evvery other day or so throughout your possible fetile window to give the best chance.

    come over to the ttc thread if you like, everyones friendly.


  • it just varies from person to person. took us 6 months with our first, then with our second i was barely off the pill when i fell pregnant! nhs wont help you until you've been tryinga year, so if youre worried it may be worth pretending that you came off earlier

  • BabyZebedeeBabyZebedee Posts: 2,421

    Over a year, still waiting...

  • ButtonmoonButtonmoon Posts: 924

    but not a years worth of cycles babyz... pma please image

    as for pretending you came off earlier.... call me old fashioned but i think its always best to be truthful. i understand its hard to not  get upset with a lengthy wait but until you have tried every possible avenue and given it the best shot, unless you know there is an underlying problem you could potentially be taking up medical help and causing delay in treatment to someone who has infact been trying over a year and is in need of help.

    i know life isnt fair sometimes but i think wed all be miffed with a huge waiting list for assitance if it was filled with people who had been dishonest.

    OP hasnt mentioned what methods of ttc they had taken so if theyve simply been seeing how it goes then i personally would try another method and see... and in reality july is only 4 months away.. on one hand it wont be long till the year mark on the other thats likely 4 cycles with the possibility of gaining a bfp image


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