Looking for as much info as possible about temping please ladies. Since I've started spotting again today and can't decide if I'm cd26 or cd18 (or neither!) I thought I'd see if I can find out what's going on with my cycles and if I'm ovulating. I'm not wanting to get too into the whole ttc thing yet but we can't really use the not trying not preventing approach if I don't even know when to expect af!


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    Basic are basically

    temp upon waking. try to keep time stable but waking temp is the key

    record them using  an app like ff

    do this for an entire cycle

    the reading is the harder part so always remember 

    temping is a retrospective method of confirming ov

    its easy to get frustrated trying to preempt but you should be able to deal with this as not officialy trying so taking a month to fact find will likely be reassuring 

    temps can and will most likely look irratic but it should show a pattern at the end...

    as for what should be seen:

    temps will fluctuate but will rise after ovulation (usually by .2 degrees) it should then stay elevated for 3 days for ff to recognise ov.

    after ov it can only go two way, 

    possibility of implantation dip around 6/7 dpo and then another temp rise following dip. if temp then stays up for a further 3days it will be known as tri phasic and a positive chart for a bfp but not a guarantee as temps can just drop and af arrive... But it can lead to a bfp and depending on Lp (which you may not know yet) but imost people can test from 10dpo onwards.

    if temp elevates , stays elevated as thn dips, af is usually not far behind. 


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    Babyz may shed more light on temping ... She taught me image

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    Wow thanks button image it's going to take a bit to get my head around it but going to try! Where is best to get a thermometer? And what's the best way to test? Yeah, I'm hoping to just get my head round my cycles etc before we get too into it so I know where I'm about.

    Babyz will be back from her lovely weekend away before I get a thermometer etc anyway so no doubt will have lots more info for me.

    When is best to start? I'm spotting now but I'm guessing I should wait until proper af arrives?

    Sorry for all the questions! No doubt there will be plenty more.

    Ooh...what is the best way to record them? Fertility friend?

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    Sorry button, just noticed you said to use ff. Going to have a look at it now image

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    I just have a bog standard digi termo feom  Tesco. But basically any digi centigrade one will do. If it has two decimel places just make sure you only record to one.

    i also temp under my tongue and try to ensure always under same place foe consistency 

    usually less confusing to start from af if you can. 

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