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Are married reverends of the Catholic Church allowed to commit adultery

Reverend Paualaisa Vito Talafaaoti was and am not sure if he still does have the reverend title in Western Samoa was serving the village of Matatufu, in Lotofaga when he impregnated a girl from his congregation.  The village opted to kick him and his family out from the village and he was allowed by the church to move to another village and be a reverend for the Catholic church still.  He later was also kicked out by that village for the same reason. 

Can someone clarify this issue If this is a conduct of a reverend for the Catholic church.  Why is it that he is allowed the title of a reverend and still noted at the church as a reverend when clearly it is an embarrassment for the church.  His conduct and life as a reverend for the church should not be allowed to carry on as a member of the church.  I am sure that this is not what the lord would want from one of his disciples to preach adultery in the church and get away with it!


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