Aberdeen Maternity vs Kincardine Hospital??

Hi ladies,

We are trying to decide whether to pick Kincardine hospital in Stonehaven or Aberdeen Maternity for labour? I think there are quite a few Aberdeen ladies on here and wondered if anyone had any experience of either.

Thanks in advance!



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    Hi I'm from Ellon so got the chance of Aberdeen or Peterhead, I decided to go for Aberdeen being a bit of a wimp I wanted to be somewhere where I could get an epidural if I wanted one, ended up having to have caesereans with both my children so at least I was in the right place. Have had a few friends give birth in community hospitals & they said the experience was amazing, staff had more time for you, better post-natal care, earlier discharge x

  • going to watch this thread with interest. we only really have the option of AMH due to living in Dyce it would make no sense to go to one of the community hospitals however I have heard good things about the community hospitals, especially the one in Arbroath I think it is, its maybe Montrose, I always forget.

    I'm not sure if I had a choice I would change away from AMH solely for the reason that if anything was to mean we needed more help, you end up getting transferred to Aberdeen anyway and for me the idea of getting ambulanced to AMH when things aren't going to plan scares me so I'm happy to be going where all the facilities are. but that's just the worrier in me image x

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    I hadn't even considered going anywhere but AMH. Think it is really due to the size, if anything went wrong.

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    We wernt told about Kincardine....i was told about the montrose birthing centre though. But we are going with AMH as like a lot of others, i want to be in the safest place possible should any medical assistance be needed.

    Im low risk birth so will be in the midwife led unit rather than the labour ward. Midwife has told me its more relaxed in the midwife led unit anyway so thinks i will be happy with my decision.  

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    I don't live in Aberdeen (couldn't be further away in mid cornwall!)  but I had a similar choice in that there is one big hospital in cornwall & two midwife led community hospitals, both of which are about 25 mins from the main hospital.  The main hospital has no midwife led unit or 'nice' birthing facilities so I chose to go to the birth centre nearest me. 

    In the end I was told to go to the main hospital at 4cm as they were concerned about my blood pressure, but when I got there I was clearly not a concern to them and we were largely left alone.  I only ever saw one midwife, rather than the two I should have had for delivery, and the aftercare was atrocious.  I spent 5 hours trying to get discharged and wish I'd never agreed to be transferred to the post natal ward and just gone home straight from delivery suite.  Two of my friends were transferred by ambulance and neither regrets starting off at the birth centre.  All 3 of us were transferred really early on, before any kind of emergency scenario.  They are very cautious. 

    I suppose I want to play devils advocate to the 'if anything goes wrong' mindset.  I felt much more looked after and monitored at the birth centre than at the hospital, and I feel that if something had gone wrong at the hospital they would have taken ages to pick it up as our one midwife was crazily busy. 

    However if there's a midwife led unit at AMH that sounds like a good option as if you did want an epi, or need monitoring you could get it pretty quick, but still potentially have the nicer experience of a birthing unit.

    Oh & I'm hoping for a home birth too this time.  Or maybe a water birth at the nice birth centre.  image

  • I just gave birth at AMH in December, not long after there were cleanliness issues raised in the press, so I was skeptical about going there, but unfortunately the community hospital in Aboyne never re-opened so we had no other choices.  We went in twice on the Friday due to bad contractions that were close together, both times they faded but we were treated fantastically in the midwife led unit.  On the Saturday we went in again (this time to stay thankfully!!) and went back to the midwife led unit, we had a midwife to ourselves and she was fantastic, I requested the birthing pool and got it no bother, given how many people I knew who were due in December it was surprisingly quiet!  My birth was thankfully straightforward and to plan (gas and air and in the pool).  My only criticism is that the midwife took the gas and air off me to push, next time I'll be insisting they don't do that!  The midwifes made is feel like being part of Ollie's birth meant something to them which was lovely and the midwives we saw on Friday came in to congratulate us when they came on shift.  Afterwards we were taken to the Ashgrove ward where the help was fantastic, loads of help given with establishing breastfeeding as we were having troubles, mostly the help came from auxiliary nurses but we did get a visit from a breastfeeding specialist.  Our experience has completely changed my mind about AMH and I wouldn't be afraid to go back.  I've not heard anyone's experiences of Stonehaven but my friend gave birth at Montrose and it was fantastic xx

  • Ps.  The community hospitals are really accommodating if you want to visit to help you decide x

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