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Project Exercise

Just a bit of background, I came off the pill in Feb 2013 after 20 years (microgynon) and in the year and a bit since then I've had 9 cycles:

1 - 40 days (not sure when I ov'd)

2 - 52 days with a 11 day LP

3 - 35 days with a 7 day LP

4 - 35 days with a 9 day LP

5 - 32 days with a 10 day LP

6 - 45 days with a 9 day LP

7 - 41 days with a 11 day LP

8 - 48 days with a 11 day LP

Initiated project exercise then

9 - 49 days with a 13 day LP

You can probably tell I was worried about my LP being short. I had an ultrasound in January (just after I'd ov'd in cycle 8) and was told the uterus lining was thin (about 4mm) so I did some research and found out that a sedentary lifestyle (basically a desk job with no regular exercise) can compress the uterine artery and this stops blood flow to the uterus.

I then looked at where the uterine artery goes and it wraps around the ovaries too.

I implemented project exercise at this point - only 15 mins on the cross trainer every other day, bought a pedometer to up my number of steps (walk the long way round the building to the loos etc) and moved to sit-stand working - my computer and monitor are mounted on a clamp that I can raise and lower to either sit or stand. I spend about half the day standing.

I also completely cut out caffeine and switched to organic meat (apparently mass produced chicken has a lot of artificial oestrogen in so I didn't want to risk it). I'm not sure these have had any impact.

Anyway - about CD18 of project exercise I got ill with a virus and it meant I was laid up and definitely not exercising for about 10 days so I think this has played a factor in delaying ovulation in cycle 9.

However, my LP has jumped up by 2 days and is now 13 days and I'm having a heavier period so I suspect a thicker lining too.

The logic behind the longer LP is that the egg was healthier and therefore the corpus luteum stronger (I'm guessing because the blood flow to the ovaries was better).

I'm hopeful that a few simple changes have improved my LP and hopefully this time will have shortened my cycle too.

I thought I'd share my experience so far and will report on the next cycle of project exercise in (hopefully) about 5-6 weeks time.


  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    Thanks for sharing!

  • MonkeygirlMonkeygirl Posts: 658

    I definitely agree with this. I've always exercised regularly, but in the run up to school inspection last year I didn't get chance. For those months my periods were more irregular, lighter, shorter lp and just 'not right'. As soon as I upped the exercise again things improved. I think the difference it made for me was the thicker lining.x

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