Thank you.....

Just wanted to say thank you to all the kind ladies that posted their best wishes on the June 2014 thread.  We are still waiting for results to find out why we lost our little boy but we're doing ok.

I hope one day in the future I can post with some good news that our family is complete but for now we're just enjoying our little family as it is.

Good luck and the very best of wishes to you all xx


  • nestypienestypie Posts: 651

    Hello, just wanted to send you my love and best wishes for the future xx

  • EllieKate83EllieKate83 Posts: 1,431

    I had no idea MrsM. I am so sorry to hear this.

    Sending you lots of love, and best wishes for the future xx

  • I didn't want to read it and not leave a message and know we have never spoken before but just wanted to say sorry to hear this, take care and sending lots of love x x 

  • MrsChompMrsChomp Posts: 490

    I haven't checked here in a while but I'm so glad to hear you're doing ok NowMrsM. I often think about you & your beautiful little boy (as all us June mummies do) and I hope you are getting all the love & support you need. Sending you and your little family lots of love. xxx

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