TTC with possible redundancy???

i know it might sound bad/wrong b rubbish advice etc

but i would wait till after dec to see what happens - im an over worrier! i think you are both still quite young and waiting an extra year wont do any harm in your plans. i know you must be really looking forward to starting a family and having the wedding but with possible extra job stress this would cause you to have a very stressful year - which is not fun!

im 6 months older than u so can relate (and my hubby is 7 months older than ur H2B lol) but we are waiting to try until we have been married a year as im still on a 6month probation period and hubby is also in construction and the company is going through changes

its really ur choice but would waiting really cause any harm? i know it could take u 6 months of trying before you get pregnant and everything could work out fine but having one less thing to worry about might just do u good x


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    I agree - get your wedding out of the way, and look for a new job so you can save (and so you'll be entitled to some maternity pay by the time you go off). Stress won't help with conceiving or with being pregnant, so maybe just wait a little while. As Hydrogirl says, you're both young enough to have the luxury of time on your side x

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    This is going to sound very irresponsible of me. Due to the nature of my work, I am usually in a fixed-term contract. I have one year left in my current contract.

    H2B and I have been WTT for a while now and are waiting until we are married too. We will be getting married in September. I am usually an over-worrier, but regardless of my employment situation, we will be TTC in September.

    I don't think there is ever the 'perfect' time so TTC, sometimes are better than others, I think whenever we conceive we will make it work. Family comes first for us.

    In terms of age, I will be 24 when we TTC and H2B will be 33. We are both fairly settled in our careers (except for my FTC obviously). We definitely wouldn't want to wait much longer, mainly due to H2Bs age.

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    everyone I know would say be sensible n wait until your 100% secure but I would say when you are emotionally ready for a family is when to go for it! it could happen straight away! could take months, years and in tht time money will go up and down, job opportunities come n go etc, rely on how you both feel not external problems image 

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    This is going to very irresponsible of me to say and im sorry to hear about your job situation but i think you should still ttc - no time is perfect to have a baby but if your ready then why not try 

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    im in the same situation hun but possibility of being made redundant next april as our centres are all becoming privatised - i am tryng to get a new role now but if i cant  (planning to start trying end of may/start of june) then im going to ride it out and basically put away as much money as i can every month into savings to cover me for redundancy whilst on maternity leave.

    I dont think theres ever a right time to be honest and as long as you can find something in the meantime then i say go for it - irresponsible to some i know. just make sure that if you do find a position that you adhere to being in the role for aslong as needed to ensure you get maternity pay

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    Not sure tbh id use or ask at your local citizens advice bureau about that

  • Hey,

    I don't agree with just going for it and ttc. What happens if you lose your job and your partner doesn't get a lot of work. Think of all your outgoings right now then add a few hundred pounds per month on top to cover baby costs. Is that manageable for you? If so then defo go for it, otherwise, wait it out. It's only 6 months xxx
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    Just wanted to say that if you were made redundant and didn't qualify for SMP then you may Qualify for Maternity Allowance, worth reading up about. It's not an ideal time to start TTC but honestly when is? Everybody's circumstances can change in an instant. I work through an agency (for 3 years) so I won't qualify for maternity leave but I will qualify for SMP, but we will be fine as hubby's job is permanent. Only you and your partner can make this decision x

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    We waited 2.5 years to try until after our weddingredients last october. We started trying late oct with both I us is ft employment. Since getting pregnant I have been made redundant and hav been very generously paid for it. 

    I know in general redundancy pay isn't much but after 5 years you could expect in theory upward to 3k ish based on 1k per month earning and remaining holiday.  Along with any notice should they finish you without working it out. So you could have a few month grace should the worst happeb following getting pg.

    personally I would attemp to find a new position now rather than wait for their decision. Sometimes life throws you curveballs which looking back were a good thing despite being hard at the time.

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