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Hi Ladies,

I hope you don't mind me posting - we are not ttc at the moment but are getting married in a few weeks and will likely try properly after the big day (we haven't used contraception since August) and I thought the best place to get some advice was on a ttc type board....

I have a few PCOS symptoms (lots of excess hair, acne predominantly on my chin, very irregular periods) and I have previously had a scan on my ovaries which showed small cysts - however - any blood samples I have had taken have shown everything to be ok.

Do you think it is possible to have PCOS but it not show up on the bloods? I should also mention that the bloods weren't taken on a particular day of my cycle as my doctor said that didn't matter? But the receptionist was surprised at that when I was booking the bloods appointment?




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    I wouldn't worry about it just yet - see how you get on when you start ttc and if have problems can be investigated further.

    When i had my coil out it was 4mths before i had a period and then theu were very irregular. The bloods are usually done on day 21 but if you are irregular then hard to date - I had mine done at no particular time but by the time I had the results I had had a period and so they just figured out where in my cycle I has been when they were taken and what levels they should have been.

    When I fell pregnant and went for my 12wk scan they told me I could possibly have PCOS as small cysts on mu ovaries but they wouldn't do anything until afyer baby when I should speak yo the doctors. When I saw the doctor they said unlikely as cysts so small (also found at my scan that I only have 1 ovary hence the irregular periods - they aren't regular but seemed to be around every 2mths ish.

    Even if you do have problems its not impossible. I fell pregnant (but had a miscarriage) and then fell pregnant again and now have my 21mth old with baby number 2 due next week.
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    I have PCOS, but exactly the same symptoms as you - mine didn't show up when tested either and I had small cysts in my ovaries. I am surprised the bloods weren't taken on a specific day - mine were I am sure (although sorry I can't remember when!), but iregular periods make this lmost impossible and I was told that I was not ovulating (devestating at the time!) and PCOS didn't show up in bloods either.

    However, I have had no trouble conceiving though, it only took 5 months which according to the doctors a normal healthy couple can take up to 2 years and they wont provide any help until you have been trying for 2 years....but clearly doctors can be wrong!

    My little one is nearly 3 now and I had a textbook pregnancy so it didn't cause me any issues, in fact when I had a 7 week scan they found out she was from the ovary that had the cysts - so nothing wrong with the eggs.

    I hope this helps rest your mind a little.....good luck with ttc - it really is an amaing journey! image

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