Can any teachers help?

Hi, i've been teaching at the same school for 3 years and my OH and I have decided to start ttc in June. I like my school but I've always said i wouldnt stay at my first school for too long as i think i could get too comfortable and will never leave! I've seen a job advertised that i really like the look of, it would start in Sept. Basically, if we are thinking of ttc so soon should i even be thinking about changing schools?! Also, i'm not sure how it would affect maternity pay etc. If any teachers could help that would be great. Thanks.


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    I'm really sorry but I don't know the answer to your question. The only thing I would ask you is do you find your current school supportive? What if the new school you went to wasn't as supportive? How long would you anticipate taking for mat leave?

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    I am in a similar position. I have been at my school for 3 years and I am wondering if I should move now, settle and then start trying. I believe you need to be working at your school full time for 3 months to be entitled to maternity cover. If you stay at your school, claim maternity leave but don't go back you will have to pay some of it back. Could you dig out your contract?

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    I was in a similar situation and started my new job in November. We started TTC and I got pregnant a few weeks after starting. I have worked out the dates and it seems fine for maternity leave and the school have been understanding.

    however, I assume you live in England? 

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    In Scotland we have the SNCT

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    Sorry. iPad playing up. Find your version of snct and read the appropriate section. Or speak to someone in school who has had a pregnancy recently.

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    Jenna in August thread will be able to help. Just remembered!

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    Thanks a lot all. Yep I'm in England. I'll try to get in touch with Jenna.

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    I'm in Scotland, so this might not be relevant,but I was digging about this not long ago, and when I worked the dates backwards from the legal guidelines for teachers, you are entitled to maternity pay if you fall pregnant anytime after three weeks from starting your contract. Hope this is helpful, look at the GTC and your teaching union websites for guidance xx

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