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Why am I broken - part 2

I thought I would start another broken thread seeing as the other one vanished.


  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    Was hopin to be preg before yearly app with neurologist but it's next month n no baby. Anyway, if I want to take any tablets etc to help get pregnant I can ask when I go as hormones can mess up my epilepsy tablets so I have to check first. Anyone got any suggestions of useful tablets, vitamins anything like tht really?

  • LolemLolem Posts: 959

    Hi weddin, I'm just taking normal multi vitamins and folic acid. Other than that just paracetamol or if af shows and I get a migraine then I take an immigran tablet. I tried the proper pregnancy multi vitamins but my tummy didn't like them. 

    The fertility doctor didn't mention anything to me as anything special to take etc. it was our first appointment though and a bit overwhelming so maybe he will next time. quill leg you know.

  • LolemLolem Posts: 959

    Quill leg let you know???!!! Stupid autocorrect - I meant: I will let you know. image

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    Lol Thankyou. I'm on folic acid, started tht last year as my nurse prescribed it n it's free so thought might aswel start extra early. If my nurse is there she might help n advice but neurologist just sticks to basics really, advice on epilepsy rather than gettin preg with epilepsy etc 

  • Twinkle11Twinkle11 Posts: 1

    Hoping someone can advise. 

    I came off the pill in August and have only had 5 periods since, 2 of which were a couple of days of brown spotting and all very irregular. Not massively worried about not being pregnant yet (I already have a 2 year old who keeps me busy!) but I am wondering what is wrong. 

    My GP has referred me to a gynecologist and I am now on the waiting list for an appointment but have no idea what to expect??? Was hoping to hear from someone with some experience. 


  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    I'm not sure about pill but when I came off inj it was 5 months before I had any af at all. It could just be becoz of pill. Worth finding out tho just incase, but I wouldn't worry too much. Some other girls might knw bit more bwt pill than me tho

  • EllabellaEllabella Posts: 1,292 New bride

    I was on the pill for 10 years but when I came off it was the complete opposite. Heavy heavy painful periods for about 6 months. They then settled down. GP said some people can go either way. I did get checked out though but all was ok

  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,743

    iv read u have a year of trying before seeking help, would our year of trying start when I finished inj or when I got first af? 

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